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The first book in this series The Forest of Hands and Teeth was such a great story, then the second book The Dead Tossed Waves wasn t really a sequel, it was a whole different story with mostly different characters and it didn t make references to the first book very often, so you didn t get any answers to the questions that the first book raised This last book The Dark and Hollow Places is a sequel to The Dead Tossed Waves , I started skimming about mid book because I thought it was getting a little bit boring and repetitive There wasn t much of a big finale, and it didn t really go in the direction I thought it would, it just sort of faded into an ending, and they rode off into the sunset sort of a thing Very inconclusive, and very disappointing. I really liked The Forest of Hands and Teeth, which I thought was a bleak, well written take on the whole zombie story I wasn t as big a fan of the follow up novel, The Dead Tossed Waves, primarily because I thought Gabry was a bit of a whiner and a little too obsessed with boys in the middle of all the death, dying, and undead As such, I wasn t sure whether I was eager to follow the story with the third installment in the series, but happily The Dark and Hollow Places returns with a compellingly flawed narrator in Annah, Gabry s long lost twin A frightened and lonely child who grows up to be a scarred and mistrustful woman, Annah is much interesting than her sheltered twin and Catcher, who was part of the triangle in the last book, is much appealing than Elias As with the previous books there s a lot of running away from the Unconsecrated, hiding out in forests, and fighting off unwanted attention.I would preferred to have seen Annah come to accept herself in a obvious way, to have had a little time spent on her relationship with Catcher it felt a little too close for comfort to have her pining for both of her sister s lovers , and I still don t really understand why authors ever want to write in the present tense But overall the story moves along at a fast clip with descriptive narration and some pretty cool action sequences There s a fairly open ended close to the novel, but being that there are finally some notes of hope in this dark world, I m kind of hoping that this is the end of the series Better to let it finish on a high note than to let it drag out interminably. #DOWNLOAD PDF é The Dark And Hollow Places ï There Are Many Things That Annah Would Like To Forget The Look On Her Sister S Face Before Annah Left Her Behind In The Forest Of Hands And Teeth, Her First Glimpse Of The Horde As They Swarmed The Dark City, The Sear Of The Barbed Wire That Would Scar Her For Life But Most Of All, Annah Would Like To Forget The Morning Elias Left Her For The Recruiters Annah S World Stopped That Day, And She S Been Waiting For Elias To Come Home Ever Since Somehow, Without Him, Her Life Doesn T Feel Much Different Than The Dead That Roam The Wasted City Around Her Until She Meets Catcher, And Everything Feels Alive Again But Catcher Has His Own Secrets Dark, Terrifying Truths That Link Him To A Past Annah Has Longed To Forget, And To A Future Too Deadly To Consider And Now It S Up To Annah Can She Continue To Live In A World Covered In The Blood Of The Living Or Is Death The Only Escape From The Return S Destruction Perhaps I need to go back and reread The Forest of Hands and Teeth The thing is, that book blew me away I loved the mystery, the surreal quality, Mary s craziness, the pervading sense of doom and of course the never ending onslaught of the Unconsecrated I remember reading the book late at night, in the middle of a storm while the hubby was away Between the wind and lightening I could hear moans of the undead, and when thunder shook my old, isolated house I imagined hoards at my door I was so spooked that I actually had to put the book down and take a break from it Carrie Ryan can write a creepy zombie story that is for sure Needless to say, I was completely let down by the teen angst portrayed in The Dead Tossed Waves, almost so much so that I considered not continuing with the final installment of this trilogy But of course I did finally read The Dark and Hollow Places The verdict Well, Carrie Ryan can still write some of the best zombie scenes ever So many zombie books fail because they go for the immediate scare and shock value But Ryan manages to build up a slow tension and throughout the novel and allow the reader to truly see the hopelessness and horror of a zombie apocalypse And then they come, stumbling from the cloud of dust and dirt Unconsecrated At fist it s just a few, but then there are and , struggling across the rubble and flooding into the streets Slow but steady they flow like blood from a seeping wound Some are short and some are tall Some men and others women Some wear clothes from olden times and some are naked, their bodies striped with wounds But all moan with gaping black mouths All claw at the air, reaching and needing Some of them shuffle on broken limbs, arms gnawed away, with stringy gray tendons swinging with each step There are than I could ever count and I know this is just the beginning Soon the entire City will fall to them I stare and wonder how we ve survived as long as we have against such an inevitable destruction.Unfortunately, Ryan also has a desire to write about teenage angst and lurve While this worked well in The Forest of Hands and Teeth, it s old hat by now At this point the zombie scenes and the supporting characters are meant only to hinder the romance and heighten the angst Teenagers talk philosophically about the nature of life, love and death and manage to be the only good guys amongst many of the survivors we encounter yawn The Dark and Hollow Places is a solid three stars for me While I absolutely love Ryan s ideas and writing style, her execution of this trilogy leaves something to be desired I would love to see her break away from a plot which is so dependent on the lurve and the angst. 4.5 UNDEAD STARS Screw The Walking Dead, if there s ever a zombie apocalypse, I want to be like AnnahLife is never that simple And the fact that it s not that simple to you means only one thing you re still aliveThis book was by far the best one in this entire series and I m kind of mad at myself for leaving two years between reading the first two and this one I would ve enjoyed this one so much right after the other two because this really brought all the storylines together nicely It finally all made sense now Book 1 was about Mary Book 2 about Mary s daughter Gabry and this one was about Gabry s twin sister Annah and included pretty much all the characters from the previous books, still trying to survive in a world full of Unconsecrated.I really don t get why these books aren t popular These already draw you in by their haunting titles And don t get me wrong, these are definitely not everyone s cup of tea They re extremely dark and made me question humanity than once I felt hopeless in Annah s place because of all she had to go through, but she was headstrong and never gave up I admire that about her and I wish I was like her in that aspect I probably would ve been dead literally 0.5 seconds after the zombie outbreak started lol, I m just that clumsy She also literally managed to find love in a hopeless place eat that, Rihanna By the way, Catcher, I still love you and you know it This is definitely the best of the three Just as original and thought provoking as the first two in the series in The Dark and Hollow Places we follow yet a new character, Annah, as the protagonist Although the others from The Dead Tossed Waves are present as well Some than others, but don t fret you won t miss anyone Annah s story is plenty interesting I also found her to be a much competent main character than Mary and Gabry She is strong and self sufficient I really admired her determination and will to live.In addition to its originality, we still run and hide, escaping the Unconsecrated, fighting for our lives in this exhilarating pulse pounding conclusion Although the ending is still a bit open ended with room for books in the future, I d be fine if this was it It s a perfect way to end this series Hopeful and believable.There is no slow start in this third novel We are thrown right in at high speeds that don t slow down until the last page It s easily the darkest book in the series The Unconsecrated are not the only enemy any, and I don t know which is worse We really see the lengths that people will go to in order to survive Some even make the zombies seem charming Regardless of all this horror, we ve still got some love and romance to gush through The chemistry between the characters is much present which makes it easier to root for them.It s all brilliantly written The settings, the different protagonists, the passion, the helplessness, the hope, it adds up to give a very realistic world It made my adrenaline pump and my heart ache I thoroughly enjoyed it all I also have to mention that the covers are gorgeous That alone is worth having these on your shelves For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads Second audiobook I will enter towards my reading challenge, sadly I had never heard about this series , so when I chose this book I didn t know this was the third book in a trilogy, however this book was a good stand alone book The narrative was simple and the plot was nothing out of this world , this is the classic zombie, survival, dystopian society we find in all zombie related books Did not like the main character, she whines all through the book and is reliant on other characters to keep her safe All in all a good simple book, not the greatest, not the worst.maybe I would have given it stars if I had read book 1 and 2. I ve been slowly working through The Dark and Hollow Places by Carrie Ryan for the last couple of days Partly, I blame the stupidity of ongoing health dramas Partly I blame myself This is the final book in the trilogy and I simply did not want to let these books go.The Dark and Hollow Places starts out with a new character Annah, the twin sister of Gabry from book two Annah lives in the Dark City and is patiently awaiting the return of Elias, who went off to find Annah s sister, Abigail Annah and Elias left Abigail behind in the Forest of Hands and Teeth ten years ago while fleeing the Unconsecrated Since then Annah has regretted the decision every day Her guilt is visibly represented on her flesh by severe scars, an accident caused by barbed wire Annah thinks of her sister and knows that she herself is ugly.Three people come into the city that irrevocably change Annah s life One is Elias, the man Annah is in love with Another is Gabry, Annah s sister, who is in love with Elias as well The third is Catcher, the Immune former flame of Gabry All three of these characters serve as a symbolic counterpoint for Annah in provocative ways They also make a very impacting point in the story Because of Catcher s immunity the Recruiters who secure the defenses in Dark City have forced him to infiltrate the infected areas for supplies To keep him in line they imprison Annah, Gabry, and Elias but they really only need to keep one alive to maintain Catcher s loyalty The threat of their deaths are ever present in and out of Dark City.I really like what Ryan did with this book Granted, it took me a minute to get into the storyline but once Gabry and co made their presence known I was hooked Annah is a hard character to wrap your brain around I wasn t convinced, at first, that I was going to like her voice I wasn t sure I was ready for her darkness She s a completely different character than the first two women her inner strength comes from years of self loathing than success I was scared of how dark she was in the beginning, but I quickly grew to appreciate her, to love her I really grew to love her.This is, potentially, the darkest book in the series But it s not because of the dead, it s because of the living The things that people do, the things that people become in order to survive, are truly monstrous, and Ryan drives this home with efficient grace It s not the undead we need fear, it s ourselves Beautifully, masterfully done.I m really glad that I had this book to read this week Really Very Glad.5 out of 5 stars It s bittersweet to see this series end, but I m very happy with the final book review courtesy of www.bibliopunkkreads.com In some parts, it was my favorite In others, it was my least favorite. You know how when you are reading a book and you can sort of tell when the author lets her characters off the hook or saves them from a potentially devastating situation Well, Carrie Ryan spares no sort of mercy for her characters In fact, she leaves your soul begging for a way out for them I found myself bargaining with Ryan to please cut them some slack But Alas, such is not the way in any of the Forest of Hands and Teeth novels While the POV changed from each of the three books, one constant always remained Or the Unconsecrated, Mudo, or Plague Rats depending which book you re on The Dark and Hollow Places or the series in general is epic I can honestly say I really, really liked it, perhaps even loved it However, it is not an adventure I would want to read again It is just too damn depressing And I ll probably have Zombie filled dreams the next night I sleep The world Ryan creates is so grim, so full of darkness and despair Honestly, its awesome It feels like you are watching a horror movie The book picks up with Gabry s twin sister, Annah What a broken character At first, I thought Annah was sure to annoy the hell out of me with her constant complaints of her scars But she quickly grew on me Annah is a very strong, solid, female protagonist Is she flawed Sure She is so used to depending on herself for everything, that she is afraid to let anyone get close to her Throughout the novel, she learns that if she or her loved ones are going to make it, she has to learn to trust again Annah can not take a break in this novel Ryan puts her through some pretty hellish situations that left me doing something like this Or this I was on the edge of my seat for most of the book Nowhere was safe, not from the Zombies or the recruiters Many times they all just wanted to give up But really, who could blame them Ryan brought up a very good question in this book What is the difference from surviving and simply existing What do you do when you only have a short time to live Well, you LIVE You continuing fighting, feeling, believing So, if you haven t read this book or series what are you waiting for The Return More reviews and at Cuddlebuggery Book Blog.