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3.5 StarsFor some reason I struggled a little with this book I liked the beginning, it kind of dragged for me in the middle, but then somewhere, somehow, I feel in love with this book by the end.Timeless is an elegant, exquisitely written book with such a brilliant concept Alexandra Monir does such a fascinating job of transporting her readers and entwining the story through time It s a slow moving piece, but I think it was written to be read that way, to collect the right atmosphere for the readers to really grasp and appreciate I ve always loved time travel stories, even though I ve read very few books on the subject, but this one was done very well Historical books I ve always seemed to struggle with, but I m glad I didn t give up on this book, I would have missed out At first I didn t really buy into Michele and Philip s relationship, but those two became such an irresistible force that my heart really went out to them, wanting different circumstances so they can be rightfully together That ending was so very unexpected that I just gawked at the pages for so long, willing for words to appear Evil and brilliant Basically, this book really surprised me It s a very tender story filled with beautiful people and a gorgeous hopeful love story I m really looking forward to seeing what happens next in The Timekeeper Alright, let me tell you something, this book was simply amazing, and here are my reasons why For one, it literally left me with something I like to call a complete brain rape What s a brain rape, you ask It s a book that, at night, left me so totally shocked that I literally lay awake for an extra hour after finishing going what the hell just happened This book was so intertwined with every single bit of information that Monir ever introduced to us like her name Come on don t tell me that t not cute It does what few have done to me lately it made me THINK I had to look back at all of the moments that were so touching and personal, and realize that she had all of this planned from the start, and I didn t even realize it Most books you know what s going to happen chapters before the idiotic protagonists do, but this book let me on to it so slowly, secretly, and carefully, that things I totally discounted in the first couple of chapters had such a great significance that I was teary eyed by the end of the novel It almost reminded me of a mix of Time Traveller s Wife and an old classic Great Expectations with all of the conjoined bits and pieces All of the clues and info that she gave us had a specific purpose, and I just loved it.And the love story here, I mean, come on If you didn t love these two together then you re crazy It was so pure, and simple, and justeasyI slid right into their relationship together as quickly as they did, and it never felt unnatural like Patch and Nora in Hush, Hush where the only relationship that they seem to have is making out and then arguing about them making out I loved the whole composer lyricist angle To some that might seem cheesy, but to me it felt perfect, like they were the actual piece to the other s puzzle, and as cliche as that sounds, Monir makes it work splendidly And then when Michele figures out that Phillip supposedly dies, I felt anguish just as she did It was so incredibly heartbreaking and emotional, and when she made her decision I was so torn which is exactly what I want when I read a novel I wanted them to be together, but I didn t want anything to happen to Phillip And like I said earlier, how she ties everything in, to Phoenix, to her name, even to her running into him three years earlier I went ohhhh that s why he said that at the ball And the ending It just came out of nowhere, and I ll talk about it farther down in my review so I can get my total geek out hahah.What I also just adored was her writing and her amazing imagery Describing New York and its streets with clopping horses and flickering glass lamps so I felt like I was standing in the middle of old New York which I m sure was just as stunning as she wrote it, that s how real it felt to me while I read She also did a phenomenal job describing the family members from her past Lily Windsor had to be my favorite, though,I just loved her spunk and spontaneity she just did whatever the hell she wanted with style that disguise scene was hilarious And how Michele played such a leading role in pretty much her whole family dating back to the 1900 s was just so awesome every time she went back had a purpose to change lives of her family and others She didn t just go back all willy nilly because she wanted to try a carriage ride or buy a dress or something really dumb, everything had a purpose, which is pretty rare in these days of YA disasters.Another thing I really enjoyed was how much mystery she was able to back in about 30 short pages I just need to know everything that happened, where is her dad and will she find her, what will they do What is all that crap with the bump in the night screams with her grandparents And the biggest thing That cliffhanger Oh.My.God.That has got to be one of the WORST cliffhangers I ve ever had to read, ever It feels like she was going to keep on writing, but suddenly had a coma or something at someone took the book and published it totally plausible, guys whyyy oh whyyy did she do this to us I need to know what happens right now Does he remember her How did he get into the past Was it because of his ring Is he Phoenix s grandson or something Aughhhh I just don t understand, which makes me want the book that much This is serioulsy a problem, Monir In conclusion of this review, this book from beginning and on, picked me up and swept me into a whirlwind of writing, love, and sheer awesomeness, and dropped me off painfully on my ass just as I was getting used to the incredible ride If I could use mind control on everyone, I would, because this book needs to be read by everyone, so if you re debating on picking this book up, I m not asking, I m telling, do it Hopefully you will laugh, love, cry, and drool over this book just as much as I did image error I am surprised how many great reviews this book has I ve decided to read it because the plotline seemed thrilling and I am sucker for a romance, but I am also a picky reader and I demand some quality from the author I ve seen all the great reviews exclaiming how spectacular the book is And I have to say that for me, reading it was literally painful I feel that this book had such a potential, the story was beautifully layered but all that was very badly delivered If you click on , there are gonna be spoilers That is so much I didn t like about this book The most that annoyed me were shallow characters I couldn t make myself care about and their illogical actions and thinking And, sometimes, the lack of continuity this is taken from my blog The beginning was okay and the first few lines really intrigued me The author was observant and it the story was just a mystery that made you keep reading You know, a girl having dreams of mysterious stranger for several years, living with a single yet cool parent, high school problems, yadda yadda It s true that I didn t believe that nobody noticed her surname was the same as one of the most popular families in America Hey, people tend to notice if they learn about your grandparents in a history class So I didn t believe that she led a quiet life, with everybody oblivious to who she really was.Then her mom dies And from then on it felt like being in a soap opera The scene where the officer tells her that her mom died in a car accident Your mom died No Sorry That s not true Yes it is But she s coming No she s not Okay It lacked emotions I mean, her only parent died Someone, who s been not only her mother but also her best friend.One thing that annoyed me was the overuse of exclamation marks I felt like reading an english student s book I d rather read about how the heroine felt than make it out from the cheerfulness of her sentence.Another thing that I couldn t swallow was the heroine s mood swings I think that the worst thing that can happen is a pliant, non believable heroine For example, Michele had a mission to warn Phillip not to kill himself But when she hopped in time, she was suddently so occupied with the beauty of 1920 s New York and spent time with her great great grandmother or who was she and she had a good time, like she completely forgot what she was there for Yes, I would be astonished to see New York 90 years ago, but I think my mind would be on oh my God, my true love is going to kill himself, why am I wasting my precious time in the past She was suspicious with her grandparents and in the next moment, she let it all fall What Why Another thing that annoyed me was how rushed the romance felt Yeah, I know what love at first sight means, but really She saw him, he saw her and 50 pages later, they confessed their love for each other Seriously I know that she s been dreaming about him she doesn t actually know him She spent a few hours with him and she already loves him I just didn t buy it And the guy, Phillip He saw her as a 15 year old just materialize before him and he was like OMG what s your name Yes, very believable for a guy that lives in 1907 and tries to scream Witchcraft at the mention of a computer He s oblivious to what she s doing here, apparently he is so enthralled with her he doesn t wonder what is a strange girl with strange clothes doing in his house, but okay.And the lack of continuity Michele got dressed in formal and went to 1910 so as not to scare the people in 1910 with her modern dress so we forgot no one could actually see her except Clare, but well And she got back at like 4 30am and when her grandparents asked her where she was, she told them she s been studying with her schoolmates and they bought it Okay, so no one noticed her standing there dressed in formalwear Was I the only one who found it strange Characters acted so out of their characters sometimes I didn t have the time to care for Michele and neither for Phillip because at the end of the book, I didn t really know them The author was too focused on describing the situation to give their characters life or a spirit Who were her grandparents Were they strict Loving Did they care Were they hiding something Did they know about her father For most of the time I was just confused how the people really felt, who they really were They say she struggles to live her high school life and her life in the past I didn t see any struggle in high school I thought that there would be some kind of a twist in a story, something happening I thought maybe those snotty girls who grabbed her at the beginning were going to do something That Ben kid, who asked her to a prom She just replied I m spoken for and that was the end of the story The author introduced us to the characters that got literally NO development and felt useless in the story What was all that Caissie and Aaron hint of a romance for It felt like something to write just to fill the blank pages Nothing happened in high school.Some of the so called surprises didn t really surprise me at all I knew Henry Irving and Irving Henry were the same person like 50 pages before she wrote I know who he is He is my father I hardly suppressed the need to roll my eyes and impatiently grunt You don t say Some of the twists were beautiful and they could be delivered really spectacularly, like the Phillip Walker Phoenix Warren Michele composition thing and how the story clicked in places, but it was written so bad and the characters were so unrealistic that I just couldn t stomach it. Alexandra has a gift for description I love all of the research and history found in this book Bee stung pout is an excellent phrase that made me giggle I also think we have similar tastes in men since her romantic hero looks a lot like Ren It s double the fun reading a book you like when you ve met the author I really like time travel stories and thought it was really cool how Michele got her name Also the fact that the author is multi talented and writes her own music and lyrics is amazing Looking forward to in this series.I was asked to blurb this book Here is my official blurb.Alexandra Monir s gift for description has wrought me a gift a novel reminiscent of Somewhere in Time I pined for the wandering hero, got lost amidst the New York glitter and opulence, and impatiently read on hoping the lost lovers would reunite TIMELESS is a haunting, mysterious dream of an era gone by A book you don t want to miss. 3.5 starsFor as long as she can remember, Michele s had the same recurring dream about a young, blue eyed man The dream always leaves her wondering and wanting to know about him, but that s all she can do Because he s not real, only a dream But after a tragedy forces Michele to live with her grandparents all the way in New York City, and with the help of a key left behind by a family member, Michele is transported back in time and discovers that the mysterious man may not be a dream after all.While I liked the idea of the story, it didn t hold my interest as much as I had hoped I didn t feel a connection to the characters, and I also felt the relationships were a bit too rushed, which didn t make them seem very believable Such as Michele and Philip s relationship Michele has dreamt about Philip all her life, and Philip has seen Michele once before, but they didn t really know each other When they finally met, there wasn t much suspense or build up They immediately accepted each other and fell in love Then there s the ancestors Michele met Clara, Lily, and Stella I felt they also accepted Michele way too easily First they freaked out, but after Michele gave them a pretty simple explanation as to why she was there, they calmed down and talked to Michele as if they ve known her their whole lives It just seemed too convenient.As for the story, I didn t really get into it until the last 100 pages I am glad that not everything was resolved by the end I thought I had everything figured out too, and in a way I was right, but the ending still made me go, How did that happen Thankfully, Timeless is not a stand alone, and although this book didn t quite live up to my expectations, I m curious to find out what happens next. Holy Cow did I adore this book I ve been sick the whole weekend and my husband was kind enough to let me spend Sunday in bed Okay I lie, I put my foot down and told him I was not getting out of bed but anywho, I read this book in one sitting I read A LOT, but even I have never finished a book in one sitting Almost makes being sick worth it Almost I loved the history, the friendship, the innocent but passionate romance although a little steamy details would have been nice Without giving anything away, even though I should have seen something coming, I didn t and then when it happened I was blown away by the sheer genius of it Overall this really is just a fantastic story, and the added bonus of an original soundtrack by the author was just amazing Alexandra Monir is one hell of a talented young lady and I can not wait for book 2 Posted a review on my Embarrassingly, I think what made me actually decide to buy this book was the cover, and I was possibly convinced to buy the book because I wasn t thinking decisively.I thought the whole concept of time traveling and falling in love with some guy from like 200 years or whatever was interesting, but honestly, I felt like I was reading a book by a 12 year old It was girly, and the characters were boring and didn t have enough personality I can t remember this very well, so I can t give as much detail as I would like to, but I can certainly say I really, really did not like this book and the only reason I am giving it two stars is because I thought the plot was interesting and could have had a LOT potential.I would really not recommend this book to anyone unless if they are fascinated by cheesy love stories, and I hope that the author has improved since writing this book. First impression I ve heard about loving a book from the very first page, but I ve never felt this way before Not until now Later Edit If that was not clear enough then YES, I loved this book This was love at first page and now my heart is broken because I want so badly to know what happens next I m holding my breath for the sequel and it s gonna take a lot of waiting until the next one comes out.Back to the book The story starts with a dream, a beautiful dream that defines the whole story It s bitter sweet, and romantic, and full of mystery, and I felt compelled by it, so I just knew that I will love this book with all my heart and it was even better than I had expected.It was fantastic, a charming love story that has no limits, a time travel story with so many twists.There was nothing thrown in there for no reason, every single scene had a meaning, every single act had a consequence It was mind blowing This time I won t say too much about the plot, because I can t seem to find a way to say it without major spoilers and I won t be able to put in a few words all the beauty of this story, but to keep it short this is a story about a girl that finds a way to travel through time not only to find true love in between the layers of time but also to help her ancestors find their way A girl that would give anything for the people she loves to be happy, a girl that is destined not to change the course of things but to create it.Meet MichelePhoenix Warren, Michele said with a small smile My mom named me after his composition Michele That s why my name is spelled with only one L Really I love that piece It s so beautiful.So yes, this is a great love story beautifully written, with strong characters that I got to love a story so full of surprises and twists that in the end just made me want , so much 2012, please come faster And please Alexandra M if you can possibly listen to my plead, just make justice to this story and make the sequel at least as good as this first book view spoiler And of course we are all waiting for Michele and Phillip to have their happily ever after hide spoiler `Free ✙ Timeless ⇡ When Tragedy Strikes Michele Windsor S Family, She Is Forced To Move From Los Angeles To New York City To Live With The Wealthy, Aristocratic Grandparents She Has Never Met In Their Historic Fifth Avenue Mansion, Filled With A Century S Worth Of Family Secrets, Michele Discovers The Biggest Family Secret Of All An Ancestor S Diary That, Amazingly, Has The Power To Send Her Back In Time To , The Year It Was Written There, At A Glamorous High Society Masquerade Ball, Michele Meets The Young Man With Striking Blue Eyes Who Has Haunted Her Dreams All Her Life And She Finds Herself Falling For Him, And Into An Otherworldly RomanceSoon Michele Is Leading A Double Life, Struggling To Balance Her Contemporary High School World With Her Escapes Into The Past But When She Stumbles Upon A Terrible Discovery, She Is Propelled On A Race Through History To Save The Boy She Loves And To Complete A Quest That Will Determine Their Fate