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She better pick Tamanai I can t wait until this book comes outI am having a hard time fully trusting David after Spellsand I am not certain.but could Tam be getting ready to become part of Laurel s human world The possibilities are never ending Like I saidI so can t wait until this book comes out Okayso I just read the first chpt posted by Aprilynne and I am SO excited about this book.I m not sure I could be any excited Plus it s release date is May 3rd..just in time for my birthday on May 4th I SO SO SO can t wait Download Kindle ☩ Illusions ♋ I Don T Do Patrols, I Don T Go Hunting, I Just Stick Close To You You Live Your Life I Ll Keep You Safe, Tamani Said, Sweeping A Lock Of Hair From Her Face Or Die Trying Laurel Hasn T Seen Tamani Since She Begged Him To Let Her Go Last Year Though Her Heart Still Aches, Laurel Is Confident That David Was The Right ChoiceBut Just As Life Is Returning To Normal, Laurel Discovers That A Hidden Enemy Lies In Wait Once Again, Laurel Must Turn To Tamani To Protect And Guide Her, For The Danger That Now Threatens Avalon Is One That No Faerie Thought Would Ever Be Possible And For The First Time, Laurel Cannot Be Sure That Her Side Will PrevailThis Is The Third Installment Of Aprilynne Pike S Wings Series There might be SPOILERS I don t know I m just too upset to notice.For the first half things were happening so I was excited, but I don t know, I read WINGS the first book in the series, back when it came out, and I loooved it I thought the idea was very cool And it became one of my favorite series.But a lot of time has passed since I read that book, and now I know better than to fall for anything.This book was a quick read, quicker than book 2 at least Laurel was happy with David, she was convinced her and Tamani were better off as friends I liked that, not just because I m team David but because I hate when girls are alloh I don t know who I love, this one or that one, so I d settle for leading both of them on and kissing them both and sit and listen to them as they talk about how much they love me But that s exactly what happened at the second part of the book.Tamani starts going to school with Laurel and David Laurel wants them to be friends yea, right She says she loves David but she stills gets all hot at the sight of Tamani and wants to kiss him passionately.I don t blame her for that, she can be with whoever she wants, but it s so NOT FAIR that she gets mad at David, her boyfriend for being jealous of Tamani How is David supposed to trust her She latter proves me right I ll get to that eventually.Listen girls, it s not cool that your boyfriend turns into a jealous jerk when he sees you with other male friends, but when you have feelings for said friends and you re constantly proving it to everyone and their mother, then your boyfriend has all the right to be jealous and you have no right to get mad and yell at him you re being unfair, you can t be in love with 2 people at once So anyway, David and Tamani reach the boiling point and get into a fight What does poor Laurel do OF COURSE SHE BREAKS UP WITH DAVID IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE SCHOOL Of course.Then she runs away Tamani follows her.You can imagine what happens next, Tamani is there, Laurel wants him bad They kiss In the rain Laurel is finally happy.Why do authors think they can solve anything with a kiss in the rain Do they think we are too dumb to see the story behind those romantic moments I mean, I would have thought it was cute, romantic even If I wouldn t have been all like What the hell, I thought you loved the other one, you repetely said you loved the other one, then why are you kissing this one two minutes after you broke up with him Forgive me if I now fail to see why two perfectly awesome gentlemen David and Tamani would want to fight eachother to death loose their lives spend all the eternity with someone like Laurel.I want relatable heroines, I want heroines who kick troll ass, I want a real girl that acts heroic The whole book is about Laurel complaining about how hard is having two perfect boys fighting over you.Also, I don t understand how having a guy following you EVERYWHERE you go can be considered romantic I mean I thought that could lead said guy to several years in prision, but ohh you just throw the word love in the mix and suddenly that s the most romantic thing ever What s with that, people I thought we had evolved from the times when everyone fell for the hands covered in glitter stalker, I seriously don t understand why authors keep thinking this is what we girls like So now I know how book 4 final in the series is gonna go Tamani and Laurel will end up together because they re both faeries, they re soulmates , they have a tragic past love story that forever bonds them David the guy who looooved Laurel so much he even risked his life tons of times to protect her, suddenly realizes he loves Chelsea, a conveniently thrown character who serves as best friend of both Laurel and David way to earn originality points, Ms Pike They all live happily ever after, every one to its own species The end. TAMANI FOREVER Laurel better choose TAMANI, NOT DAVID don t get me wrong i like david but there s just sothing about tamani thats just mmmmm so please Aprilynne Pike have her choose Tamani 3 Can I just say I ship Laurel and Tamani than Laurel being with David I did really enjoy this book but I thought it was a little repetitive In the first two books in the series, we see the same plot sequence and thinking that this is the third book it would be different In a way it was but I just found it similar to the other books When you see the same thing happen than twice in a series it can get a little boring and uninteresting Other than this, there was nothing I disliked. david best get dumped I am so sick of the humans always getting the good end of the stick.She has to pick Tamani. I have one word for this book.Filler.That s all it was Pure filler Let me explain it to you There are 36 chapters in this book Chapter 1 to 34 are devoted to the love triangle between Laurel, her human boyfriend David and fairy guardian Tamani In other words, that s 34 chapters of should I choose this boy or that boy , with no resolution at the end of it, I kid you not Chapter 34 to 36 finally gives us a plot and some action, before it abruptly finishes in a yes, you guessed it right, a cliff hanger Now, the synopsis of the book promises something else entirely I quote Once again, Laurel must turn to Tamani to protect and guide her, for the danger that now threatens Avalon is one that no faerie thought would ever be possible Okay, did I miss something here Danger, where Apart from one page of sudden troll action and chapter 34 36 , there was no danger anywhere I certainly never felt that Laurel was threatened, and besides, she had about 200 sentries protecting her, plus of course her two suitors watching her every step Was Laurel in danger Nope, did not feel it, at all.What I did feel was irritation The main reason being the love triangle.Now, if you ve read my blog, you know I have nothing against love triangles, if they re done well This one however is ridiculous, and even so since it s the center theme of the book Laurel s indecisiveness annoyed me to no end She kept bouncing back and forth so much that it had me feeling dizzy She behaved like a spoiled child that wants to have one s cake and eat it too She would chastise David for being jealous, then go on and kiss Tamani Then she would tell Tamani off for pursuing her, and in the next second throw a tantrum when he flirted danced talked to another girl Seriously My 6 year old cousin behaves mature than that.I was not impressed.What would have saved this book for me, was a lot less teen age drama and of Avalon I loved Avalon in the previous book Spells but here we only got a very brief glimpse of that world when Laurel visits her mentor Jameson Other than that, it all takes place in the human world, with highschool, teen age drama, teen age angst and the obligatory school dance to finish things off.There is one book in the series to be published next year, but this is the end of the series for me One word of David or Tamani and I ll be screaming out loud.More reviews at UPDATE WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS I read it And, honestly, while I d normally rate it probably a three or a four, I m giving it a five because of the lovely, wonderful, perfect romance between Laurel and Tamani Finally Pages 233 236 and 315 318 are my FAVORITES Honestly, I didn t like Yuki at all She annoyed almost to death Could Not Stand Her Clearly, she had some serious issues, and throughout the book, I could not bring myself to like her At all I really tried But I couldn t.I loved loved loved having some of the chapters told from Tam s view It also makes me feel optimistic that he ll be the one Laurel chooses, because how could she not He loves her so much, and she s sooooo lucky to have that Besides, why would Pike feature chapters from his P.O.V if he s not an important character Soooo hot What a cliffhanger ending Not cool at all But I did like that it ended with Tam s P.O.V I think I m even in love with him than before, if that s possible I cannot wait for this book to come out I am so, so excited After the second book though, both David and Chelsea make me nervous Can they be trusted Also, who can wait to see if Laurel will pick Tamani That s actually the most exciting part After finishing the Hunger Games series, I didn t think there would be another series I could get excited about so quickly I cannot wait for April 8, 2011 when the third book in the Wings series will come out Laurel, please pick Tamani A few months laterSo now the release date is May 3, 2011 A month later Boo.UPDATE AFTER READINGLove reading the next book in the Wings series I think Spells was enchanting, but I still love the continuing story in Illusions.PS Loved page 236