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I received an ARC of this book from the author, and once I started, I couldn t put it down I love dystopian novels, but I have to admit, after a while, they tend to follow the same plotline and twists This is TOTALLY not the case here J.W Lynne s style of writing and the world she creates with her words is a refreshing change from the norm The mystery and intrigue of the situation is compelling, and you keep reading in hopes of discovering what will happen next, and what secrets will be unraveled New twists continue to a be revealed, and the setting expands from one room to a whole different world The suspense made it hard to put this book down I love reading and have read so many novels, and often, can figure out what will happen in the end NOT THIS ONE I was shocked, excited, and giddy with excitement though it ends well, the ending also leaves room for I cannot give any spoilers, but I can totally see how there could be a next book if there is Fingers crossed tightly and cannot wait if and when another will come out I love how the story is heavily focused on developing each character, and how the narrative is portrayed through the eyes of several children, ranging from 8 years old to 17 You get an inside view of what each is thinking, feeling, their past, and motivation for their actions, making it feel almost as if you were reading the personal diaries of different people who are experiencing the same situation, yet understanding why they would each respond in a different way The children themselves are very diverse, yet very real they face real world problems that us, as readers, may have experienced, and that drew me in as a reader to empathize and want to know about them It may be dystopian, but it feels real enough this could be happening right now Thank you J.W Lynne, for creating this world for us I can t wait to see If you ve not read any of her other books, it s time to try it out I ve only read The Sky series so far, other than this one, and it is just as amazing and compelling of a read, and I also highly recommend it her other books are on my reading list, and I cannot wait to read of her work I just finished the book OMG it is freaking awesome Seriously I was drawn in from the first chapter I never lost interest Thecharacters are fully developed And that is a trait I look for inbooks Bad character development equals not reading the whole book.This book is for young adults and adults Even 62 year olds which iswhere I fall A well written narrative that will draw all ages in Itis PG rated.I would rate this story 5 stars, since that is all will allow.And it earns all 5 of the stars Goodreads allows 5 stars so 5 starsit is.There were no parts that confused me as I have read other books thatare told from different characters perspectives Which I findenjoyable It s like getting into their mind, seeing and hearing whatis going on in there Open access to their innermost thoughts.This ends with a cliffhanger but it won t bother you as any questionsyou have for THIS book are answered.The book is edited brilliantly Which is a huge thing for me I loseinterest in poorly edited books.Read it for yourself Grab it and read it to your children orgrandchildren Would be perfect for reading to children You may finda new book to share and love with the little ones in your life.Okay, that s my review I was truly honored to read this Thank you. Waking to find themselves grouped together in an unknown bunker , eight children are about to fear for their lives Not knowing why or where they ve been taken, their lives are thrown together in scary and uncertain circumstances.If you re a fan of dystopian reads, this book ticks all the boxes From the opening chapters, we re thrown into an unknown world, where both the characters and readers have no idea where they are or why they re there While this is definitely a young adult read, our characters range from the very young to those on the edge of adulthood, and the author writes each of the points of view brilliantly We see things from three very different angles nine year old Goat who, at such a young age has already experienced so much pain twelve year old Tiger, whose autistic traits make it even harder to adapt to her new lifestyle and finally, Unpleasant, a teenager on the brink of adulthood who is still struggling to find her place in the world The author differentiates her writing perfectly between each character, making it clear that each of them have their own voice each of their points of view is believable, which is so often a book s downfall.As for the plot itself, it is executed brilliantly The author has found the perfect balance of revealing information and creating suspense I had so many questions going through my head while reading this Most importantly, the timings were spot on When the big reveal finally comes, I was shocked It was an oh my god moment and I loved every second of it Not only did it make sense, it created this whole new world of questions, possibilities and storylines While I was satisfied with what had been revealed, I have been left desperate for Once again, the author has pulled it out of the bag While I am a little biased, being a huge fan of their previous series, I cannot wait to find out about these characters and the world they live in I ve truly connected with them and am eager to see how things turn out for them I cannot recommend this book enough and am super excited to share it with my friends. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion, feedback and review I am a huge fan of the dystopian genre and I can easily say this book is better than The Maze Runner Series It kept me on edge, with my imagination running until the very end I have read hundreds of books and it is extremely rare for me to be surprised or give 5 stars I almost always anticipate the plot twists I thought I had this one all figured out from the very begining Apparently, Liam and I were on the same page with our assumptions, as he reveals what he thought was happening in a discussion with Unpleasant We couldn t have been wrong I felt like I was living in an alternate reality, creating all of these possible scenarios in my head Watching the mystery unfold from so many different perspectives added another layer of suspense While I was reading one characters story, I was wondering what the others were up to It felt personal, like you were getting to know each character on a much deeper level This deep connection makes the fear of their pain or loss even substantial.This was an exhilarating, emotional, fast paced read that I couldn t put down Sometimes the dystopian genre can feel a little bit recycled, but this story was utterly unique I cannot wait to see what the future holds for these 8 kids that started as strangers, but through isolation and a common need to survive, became family. O M G That was a wild ride I LOVED it It grabbed me right from the first page and didn t let go This book is about 8 kids, ages 9 to 17, who do not know each other, who have been kidnapped and placed together in an indeterminate location As these kids are tested by their kidnappers, they come to realize that they need to lean on and support each other if they are going to survive The twists and turns are hard to see coming, the characters are realistic and you want to get to know them The situation they are in is fascinating I would definitely recommend reading it ONE EXCITING ADVENTURE Wow Talk about captivating from start to finish It doesn t let up or leave you hanging, not botched or cut short With such a stormy storyline and electrifying plot it catapults this little jewel to life remarkably A rollercoaster of mishaps and struggles propel all of your emotions brusting into play with every color on the spectrum Drama, uncertainty, danger and suspense coil tighter, drawing you deeper with every spin Twists and turns abound along with a few glitches and bumps that brings this baby together wonderfully One non stop, action packed, heart pounding, nailbiting, pulse racing, page turning thrill ride keeps you on a razors edge throughout The characters are authentic, believable and so realistic its easy to relate The scenes are so vivid and descriptive it makes for an amazing backdrop Lynne is such a detail oriented author she truly lays it all out, you have a very clear picture with all the ends and outs I can t wait to see what she comes up with next Incredible job Lynne, thanks for sharing this little gem with us. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review I warned the author in advance that I take honest very seriously This is a is strong story with characters that are unique, well developed, and they don t fall into the overdone YA Dystopian world where the stories are new, but the characters read like fan fic Any preconceived notions that I had regarding the storyline, quickly took turns in directions I was not expecting I average 5 14 books per week on average, so storylines can tend to get a bit redundant Not here It was exciting to be able to read a Dystopian Novel that took a completely different approach on the topic This was a great read, and I would love to see future work from the author. This book is a fun and easy read once you have all the characters and theirtraits figured out It is full of exciting twists and turns while dealingwith real life situations in an honest and delightfully unexpected way Theforeshadowing is brilliantly detailed without being too in your face Whathappens when you put 8 kids each with their own personality and unresolvedissues into a book together is something that makes for excellent reading.You won t want to put this down until you get through the twists and then you are left wanting How she ties up the end of this book leaving you satisfied with the ending but still wanting is something that makes this book special and not something that is easily done I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion review. {Download} Ü The Unknown ⚢ Fans Of Divergent, The Hunger Games, And Stranger Things Are Raving About This Dystopian Thriller EIGHT CHILDREN WERE KIDNAPPEDBUT WHY Eight Kids, Ages Nine To Seventeen, Awaken To Find That Almost Everything They Have Ever Known Has Been Stolen From Them They Were Ripped From Their Beds In The Middle Of The Night And Transported To An Unfamiliar And Unforgiving New World Where There Are Strict Rules, And They Are Punished If They Refuse To ObeyAs The Kids Grapple With Their Mysterious New Reality, They Struggle With Disconcerting Questions Where In The World Are They Why Were They Taken Away From Their Families Will They Ever Get To Go Back Home And The Most Frightening Question Of All Will This Be The Place Where They Die What Readers Are Saying About THE UNKNOWN Gripping Unique Lots Of Mystery And Intrigue Dystopian Is One Of My Favourite Genres, But I Haven T Seen It Written So Well In A Very Long Time I Finished Reading This Book In Awe Carly, Goodreads I Have Read Hundreds Of Books And It Is Extremely Rare For Me To Be Surprised Or Give Stars I Almost Always Anticipate The Plot Twists I Thought I Had This One All Figured Out From The Very Beginning I Couldn T Have Been Wrong An Exhilarating, Emotional, Fast Paced Read That I Couldn T Put Down This Story Was Utterly Unique Justine, Book Catharsis ONE EXCITING ADVENTURE Wow Captivating From Start To Finish The Characters Are Authentic, Believable And So Realistic Kaye, Goodreads I Love Dystopian Novels, But I Have To Admit, After A While, They Tend To Follow The Same Plotline And Twists This Is TOTALLY Not The Case Here I Was Shocked Gail, Goodreads Unique Twist On The Dystopian Genre Insanely Thrilling Kelly, Twinsie Talk Book Reviews I Read A LOT And This Book Had Lots Of Surprises Which I Didn T See Coming Great Twists And Turns I Definitely Could Not Put This One Down I Truly Loved This Book Michelle, Goodreads Lots Of Suspense, Twists, And Turns I Never Saw The Ending Coming It Was A Total Surprise And Explained Everything Karon, Goodreads THE UNKNOWN Is A Brand New Young Adult Dystopian Science Fiction Mystery Thriller With Captivating Suspense, Unexpected Twists And Turns, And A Dash Of Romance The Story Is Told From The Alternating Points Of View Of Three Of The Kidnapped Children Seventeen Year Old Unpleasant, Twelve Year Old Tiger, And Nine Year Old Goat THE UNKNOWN Tells The Tale Of Five Girls And Three Boys Who Are Kidnapped In The Middle Of The Night And Transported To A Frightening And Mysterious World Full Of Secrets Author JW Lynne Delivers A Cinematic Experience Filled With Intriguing Mystery, Thrilling Suspense, Imaginative Adventure, Shocking Twists And Turns, Thought Provoking Philosophy, And A Touch Of Romance THE UNKNOWN Is A Must Read Book For Both Teens And Adults Who Enjoyed THE HUNGER GAMES By Suzanne Collins , DIVERGENT By Veronica Roth , LEGEND By Marie Lu , READY PLAYER ONE By Ernest Cline , THE GENDER GAME By Bella Forrest , CONFIGURED By Jenetta Penner , THE MAZE RUNNER By James Dashner , THE GIVER By Lois Lowry , Or ABOVE THE SKY By JW Lynne This Addictive Book Will Have You Hooked From The First Few Mysterious Chapters If You Like Fast Paced Thrillers With Mystery, Suspense, Twists And Turns, And A Surprise Ending That Brings Everything Together, Don T Miss This Gripping New Release Kindle Unlimited Members Read THE UNKNOWN Ebook For FREE With Kindle Unlimited Prime Members Who Own A Kindle E Reader, Fire Tablet, Or Fire Phone Borrow THE UNKNOWN Ebook For FREE From The Kindle Owners Lending Library I truly loved this book I read A LOT and this book had lots of surprises which I didn t see coming It caught my interest from the beginning and kept my attention throughout I m not afraid to give up on a book and move on if I find it boring I definitely could not put this one down Without giving away any spoilers, it really had great twists and turns I would highly recommend it to anyone and look forward to reading from Ms Lynne.