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Breakout by A.M Rose is a young adult science fiction fantasy that is a dystopian, futuristic version of our society The story is one that is rather fast paced as the characters face constant dangers.Lezah is in prison with no memory of how she got there or if she did anything to deserve being locked up There are only six days left on Lezah s prison sentence but she will not be set free when her countdown is over, instead Lezah will be executed.With a bracelet on that monitors every move and doles out electric shock punishments when breaking the rules Lezah has little hope of escaping However, when another prisoner finds a way to deactivate the monitoring bracelet Lezah and her roommate act quickly to try and escape before their countdowns are over.Breakout is one of those young adult novels that I end up having an internal debate with myself on how to go about rating when finished The thing with this one was that I seemed to be constantly reminded of other series out there with the action that was taking place, most notably I couldn t help but think the escape reminds me of searching the maze in The Maze Runner that has the pod like areas of Mockingjay, just kind of blending some from here or there However, I do like the fast paced action so in the end I would give this 3 1 2 stars.I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For reviews please visit I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of A.M Rose s new book, BREAKOUT Lezah, a prisoner in a dark near future world, is set to be executed in six days But the prison isn t a simple place As she searches for an escape, the secrets she she uncovers changes how she sees everything about her overly surveilled, ruined world First of all, the world building blew my mind I LOVE a good sci fi and this book did not disappoint Lezah was a great heroine I rooted for her from page one, and when Seph entered the picture, I was completely hooked I loved him The pacing was so good, I read this in one sitting, flying through the pages to an ending I had to read twice, it was so surprising The twists kept me turning pages until deep into the night All in all, Breakout is a perfect mix of adrenaline and heart If you re looking for a thrilling, sci fi adventure, I d recommend picking up this book I ll admit it I requested to read this book solely because of the awesome spider on the front cover Yes, I quickly glanced at the blurb so was intrigued by how the prison escape would unfold but really, the spider had already clinched the deal This is a place they send people to die when they ve done something wrong Really wrong Lezah is number twenty two She s in prison but has no memory of committing a crime, and the clock on her metal bracelet is counting down to her expiration date.Escaping this prison will be harder than Lezah can imagine She doesn t know who she can trust and every step of the way is fraught with danger With plenty of action and countless spiders, Lezah learns that there s a lot at stake than she realised.In a world that could easily become ours in the not too distant future if we re not careful, climate change has altered the landscape and technology is potentially awesome or scary as hell, depending on who s controlling it The pace was maintained throughout the story and the characters were faced with almost constant danger The world was interesting and the sequences in the prison were well thought out I really liked Vaughn and wanted to get to know her.The romance didn t work for me at all it felt insta and unnecessary This is probably just me but I tend to find it amusing rather than sweet when a girl has time to appreciate a boy s eyes or the way he smells when an entire group of people are in potentially mortal danger I keep thinking they re wasting time focusing on that when they could be making a better plan to escape they could ogle to their heart s content once they re safe.I made the mistake of rereading the blurb around the halfway point and realised it spoiled a couple of things characters hadn t figured out or revealed yet It wasn t until I was past 60% before the characters caught up.I d encourage you to read some five star reviews of this book I got dazzled by the cover spider and enjoyed the story overall but I found some aspects of it very predictable While there were several lengthy info dumps I was left with so many unanswered questions Thank you to NetGalley and Entangled Teen, an imprint of Entangled Publishing, LLC, for the opportunity to read this book. The wonderful Breakout is a dystopian science fiction story The story centers around a terrible prison where people who have done terrible things go to die Lezah finds herself here, but she doesn t know why The past month of her life is a total blank This prison is technologically controlled with robots in charge Each inmate wears a bracelet that counts down to their day of death Lezah and another inmate find a way to remove the bracelet They intend to escape Will they make it out alive The story is a fast read filled with action and suspense It s entertaining and an overall good read Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight.Breakout was fun and entertaining, but that was about the sum of it for me It has vibes of The Hunger Games, but I don t fully understand the why of the story I would have liked a bit of a deeper connection with Lezah, but the story is definitely action driven While the plot is engaging, we don t really get a sense for the world in which it is taking place Obviously some Bad Stuff has gone down, leading to underwater cities and random imprisonment of teens, but there s definitely room for exploration I don t know if this is part of a series, but if it is a standalone, the ending felt a bit unfinished But the book in general is still gripping, as it seems that absolutely no one is safe in this world Bottom Line Entertaining, if not particularly memorable I enjoyed it, but would have been much invested with world building. This is the second book I had the pleasure of blurbing I m super excited for A.M Rose s BREAKOUT formerly Not Innocent , hitting bookshelves in early 2019 Here s my official blurb A.M Rose s sopho novel, BREAKOUT, is sure to take readers on a fascinating journey into the distant or not so distant future, where technology controls every aspects of life and state surveillance reigns supreme Part cyberpunk dystopia, part frantic prison break romp, and part science fiction, BREAKOUT will keep you guessing until the last page A.M Rose s superb skill of creating engaging characters that readers will deeply care about shines on every page From the very first sentence, I was cheering for Lezah, the narrator, as she fought her way out of danger and forged bonds with the unlikeliest of allies instrumental to her success. Lezah is at Ironport Detention, but she has no idea why No one goes by their names They re just numbers Each prisoner wears a bracelet that not only monitors their every move, but it also shocks them when they do something wrong The bracelets have their execution countdown on them When they come to take away a girl across from her cell, they make the prisoners watch as she is tortured Lezah has never really talked to her roommate But Clara s time is almost up and she realizes that Lezah is going to try to escape Lezah doesn t trust her, but she figures she can ditch her later The girls find a way to deactivate their bracelets and they take off Clara s dad helped build the prison, so she is able to find a hidden door.The girls have no idea where to go They first stumble on Ruthie, the girl who they just watch get electrocuted She is somehow still alive and begs to go with them The girls are above the rooms in a vent when they happen upon a really nice room below them It s a guys cell and it s really nice They have food, games, and comfortable beds and clothes The girls accidentally fall through the ceiling Lezah recognizes one of the guys, Seph and Clara recognizes the other, Trip The boys decide they want out, too Lezah is less than thrilled, but what can she do at this point This is where things get weird Well, weirder that it was before Strange things appear They don t all see the same thing The prison changes and there are creatures attacking them Lezah knows the technology from helping her dad develop WALTERs which are robots that have free will and emotion But the WALTERS at the prison are being controlled and they are after the group Lezah is determined to remember her past and find out who is controlling this prison.Things are not all as they seem It s hard to trust anyone and there are some weird twists I ended up loving this group of friends and I hope there will be a book two.Thank you to A.M Rose for sending me a copy for review I gave this 4 stars Warnings for mind control, an abusive parent, and spiders Lots of spiders. {Free Epub} ⚠ Breakout õ Six Days That S The Amount Of Time Until Lezah S Execution She Ll Die Never Knowing What Got Her Locked Up In This Godforsaken Prison In The First Place Her Only Chance Of Survival Is To Escape Except The Monitoring Bracelet That Digs Into Her Wrist, The Roaming AI, And The Implant In Her Neck Make Freedom Close To Impossible Her Best Chance Is To Team Up With The Four Other Inmates Who Are Determined To Break Out, Even If One Of Them Is Beyond Gorgeous Annoying Oh, And In For Murder But He Has A Secret Of His Own One That Could Break Lezah If She Finds Out, But Could Also Set Him Free Figuring Out How To Work With Him And The Rest Of This Mismatched Group Of Criminals Is The Only Way Lezah Will Survive To See The Outside World Again But Nothing In This Prison Is As It Seems And No One All I m saying that there better be a book 2 because there are too many things that have been left unanswered