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[[ Read E-pub ]] Á Need × Pain Shoots Through My Head Fireworks Explosions All Inside My Brain The White World Goes Dark And I Know What S About To HappenZara White Suspects There S A Freaky Guy Semi Stalking Her She S Also Obsessed With Phobias And It S True, She Hasn T Exactly Been Herself Since Her Stepfather Died But Exiling Her To Shivery Maine To Live With Her Grandmother That Seems A Bit Extreme The Move Is Supposed To Help Her Stay Sanebut Zara S Pretty Sure Her Mom Just Can T Deal With Her Right NowShe Couldn T Be Wrong Turns Out The Semi Stalker Is Not A Figment Of Zara S Overactive Imagination In Fact, He S Still Following Her, Leaving Behind An Eerie Trail Of Gold Dust There S Something Not Right Not Human In This Sleepy Maine Town, And All Signs Point To ZaraIn This Creepy, Compelling Breakout Novel, Carrie Jones Delivers Romance, Suspense, And A Creature You Never Thought You D Have To Fear Kitab sevdi im s ylenemez ncelikle bu kitap 2009da yaz lm ke ke ona yak n bir zamanda evrilseydi nk g n m z kitaplar na g re yavan ka m nk art k farkl eyler bekliyoruz fakat 7 sene nce yaz lan bir kitaptan farkl l k beklemekte pek olmuyor Kitapta en sevdi im ey Zara n n fobiye olan ilgisiydi Ki san r m bu herkesin en sevdi i ey olmu kitapta Ve kitap ok ak c yd Okuyamama durumuna iyi gelecek kitaplardan birisi bence htiya stelik konunun periler etraf nda d nmesi bence ok ho tu Amaa yazar n anlat m n sevmedim Diyaloglar ba larda bana ok zorlama geldi Ortalardan sonra yine daha d zg nd Ba karakteri yani Zara y hi sevmedim G l bir karakter gibi yans t lmak istense de bence bu ba ar lamam t Bir insan ne kadar g l olursa olsun perilerin, ekil de i tirenlerin ve daha bir ok eyin varl n rendi inde bunu bu kadar kolay kabul edemez ok tahmin edilebilir bir kitapt Her ey g n gibi ortadayken salak Zara hi bir eyi fark edemedi bile Fenal klar ge irdim vallahi Sonunu da be enmedi imi s yleyebilirim Bence buldu u z m olduk a komikti Serinin devam nda ne olaca n tahmin edemiyorum nk bitmi gibi bitti Yan bir devam yok gibi K sacas okudum bitti kitaplar ndand abuk okundu, tempomun d t bu g nlere iyi geldi Ama pek ho lanmad m. UPDATE 6 9 19 Original Review Below Me Coming back and re reading this review that I wrote while reading an online version of this book at a point in time when I was 17, home from school sick, delirious with fever, and not sleeping like I was supposed to be haha lolzMe Getting to the bottom and noticing there s 100 likes.oh no what have i doneSeriously, tho, guys, thnx for the likes This wasnot an intentionally funny review and was very critical and professional in my fever haze state butI guess it plays XDORIGINAL REVIEW FROM FEBRUARY 10, 2014 NEED BECAUSE YOU NEED TO BURN THIS BOOK.I knew there was going to be trouble when I started getting Twilight flashbacks in chapter one girl has awkward family situation She moves to someplace cold Where it s really cold She probably should have put on a better jacket but she s not used to that because she used to live somewhere warmer And now it s cold Because of awkward weather situations, she s also given a new car well, Bella s wasn t new, but whatever Same intent Did I mention it s cold FUN FACT The word cold is mentioned eleven times within the first chapter Just in case you forgot Zara is a pity me but I will still save the world type of character She is so noble, in fact, that we need to be told that she s going to try and save the world several times in the first chapter Because that must be really important She also, sadly, cannot differentiate between Stephen King novels and Harry Potter Sad day, Zara, sad day Plus, she has a name that makes it sound like she s already a fairy herself Not that I m judging not at all EDIT For those of you who have not read my reviews before, you probably aren t aware of an on going rant I seem to be caught up in and that s the idea that a lot of American British authors like to pick exotic sounding names for their white characters This isn t supposed to be taken as an insult against people named Zara in general, but the fact that Zara is a typical Bella Sue character with a name from another culture and there is 0 explanation as to why she would be named that other than it s different and interesting than naming her Sara, which is the name Zara is derived from The name IS in fact odd considering her CHARACTER If she was actually a different ethnicity it would make much sense Thank you to the two Goodreads members who pointed out to me in the comments that this point might not be made clear enough on its own Although I will judge her on the fact that she believes that people only wear boots when it s cold up in Nowheresville Well, I m proud to say that up here in Wisconsin, I ve been wearing boots since October And yes, yes they are these tiny brown and black little boy boots with thick lace up strings and everything No UGGs for me Basically, take this picture Then make it a size zero THAT is my fashion sense And I like it thank you very much.And Zara wears prissy shoes So though it gives her character, I suppose, it does not score her any points with me. I believe common sense generally dictates that when there is snow, you should wear boots But that s just me Anyways, Zara with the odd name of course meets a nice hunky guy while pulling into the school lot A guy who is an athlete, already knows who she is, and actually stops to say hi and whatever Of course And comments on the fact that she should be wearing boots As a high school senior, I have learned by now that rare is the teenage boy who would do any of these things And he WALKS her IN to the SCHOOL.Can you purchase one of these boys Possibly at Pick n Save Then we must have the immediate run in with the hair flippin bitch archetype Because apparently her character is a necessity to the plot Question mark And we ll call her a Barbie Because that s very original And their little insult exchange Teen girls nowadays aren t even a quarter that straight forward, they would never say those sorts of things in front of an adult, and since the schools systems have initiated the War on Bullying, being caught in this sort of predicament would bring down the counselor squad right away Anyways, all I ll say about the rest of Zara s introduction to her new school is hey, sup Welcome to Coldville Coldstown, where everyone is an archetype to fit perfectly into your budding heroine needs Welcome, welcome, welcome Bella Zara We will all stop our lives to pay attention to YOU STOP THE PRESSES, FOLKS GOT A NEW HEADLINE ZARA WHITE IS HERE Also like Bella, these kids apparently find all their information on the internet Can I also purchase websites that give me answers to everything Basically I can t handle the energy of writing a full review while being sick So I m just going to list of a bunch of ridiculousness in this book Days off in cross country Can I get a day off in cross country The only times we didn t have practice were Sundays And that s it And apparently everyone believes in pixies and stalkers and weirdness and are ALL cool with it Because that makes sense While we re at it, can I get an express elevator to Middle Earth Everyone good with that Do all libraries have fairy encyclopedias Mine sure doesn t Trust me on this I checked UPDATE I d put a page number but I can t because this is an online version I borrowed from the library With no page numbers I should have guessed And I think I did Stalker fairy needs Zara for bloodline purposes We love having babies in the paranormal romance part of the world Yes, yes there IS a paranormal romance part of the world All cold places like Russia, Washington, and Maine I guess poor old Wisconsin just got left out of the loop Again can I order that express elevator 32% through the bookDo you think she knows Devyn asks Knows About the pixies I imagine Betty with her gruff flannel shirts and her fact gathering nature No way TEN BUCKS SAYS BETTY KNOWS 33% through the book They found a note that says Don t fear Here there be tygers, 157 Uh oh Tygers is spelled with a y Ray Bradburyanda William Blake reference Sh t s about to go down folks 34% Zara given iron bracelets Fairies bracelets Sh ts goin down fo sho.35% Apparently if you know army time, you are a geek Hey guys, it s official now I m a geeeeeeeeeeeeekkk Also, Zara doesn t finish dinner And it s spaghetti This girl is weird Oh, and then she goes running To find a pixie So she s stupid, too 37%It sounds so stupid That s because it WAS stupid, Zara, dear Pixie hunting in the dark by yourself is very VERY stupid 43% PREDICTION Nick is crazy fairy dude Or a werewolf Take yer pick Or, I ll even broaden it and say were something Just to give it a better shot Wait, I change my mind Certainly a were something 45% Wait a buncha teenage guys keep on going missing in this specific town in a very specific area And the US Marshalls aren t there yet 46%I m not most girlssays Zara Nope just like every other YA heroine in the world But that s okay You re still an individualI m not into pity partiesShakes head sadly Yes you are, Zara Yes you really are Also, Zara wants to know why it s cold in Maine Compared to the south Possibly because it s further north Just spitballin here Could be wrong.49% Wait she can t tell Stephen King apart from Harry Potter but she can quote Nietzsche 51% Zara is stupid Zara hears a pixie calling her Zara goes out into the woods Zara hears a dog out alone in the woods The dog is hurt Zara miraculously makes it back to her house 20 says the dog is Nick I really want to make some money offa this thing I think I deserve it 55% I WAS RIGHT ON BOTH BETS KILI WINS, YOU LOSE I JUST MADE 30 MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wait, who s gonna pay me 56% Zara previously correctly guesses that the dog is a werewolf But when the dog disappears and she s left with a naked guy in her house, she somehow can t put the pieces together that naked Nick is the werewolf Hence, there WAS no dog Zara is stupid 64% Screw pixies, Zara STILL can t get over the fact that Maine is cold She should try living in Wisconsin with cold urticaria 67% Pixies start to invade the house and Zara thinks that the voice outside that sounds like her dead dad is actually her dead dad Obviously not dead Apparently Zara has never read Spiderwick Also, Zara is stupid Well, at least she doesn t let him in At least she figures it out just in time At least she is the luckiest person alive 74% On a pixie hunt Let s stop what we re doing, have a snowball fight, and kiss each other Sounds good Ambush Worry about an ambush What are you, crazy or something Pixies can t come out during the day Hahaha Whoops Except for when the need is great Remember that bit I sure did 77% The name Zara means princess Well Sarah means God s princess Ha, I win Also Megan and Ian are pixies Well, that explains a lot 79% The end of this book is just like Twilight Wait 79% It s not over yet What are they going to do, kiss for the last 20% 81% Oh.I get it now Must rescue the mother now Okay Fine then 95% Which IS actually the end of the book because I guess they count the author bio page and sneak peeks or whatever as the last 5% Wait, what I just realized, absolutely NOTHING happened in this entire book 306 pages of NOTHING HAPPENING That was very boring That was very annoying I m not sure why in the world I just wasted an hour reading it WHY WHY Oh wait, I m sick And sort of delirious Yep, it all makes sense now Review mostly finished GIFs to come And a rant on a serious lack of good YA villains, because that s just one of my favorite complaints to make in the world Probably. I randomly picked up this book at the library I had seen it at Borders at least a dozen times, and I needed a book, so I decided to check it out.Okay, let start off with the basic plot.Zara, a once popular and happy girl living in Charleston, watches her father die of a heart attack on their kitchen floor Feeling depressed and dead inside, her mother forcibly sends her to Maine to live with her grandmother because somehow solitary confinement will help her cope There, she makes a whole bunch of new friends and enemies as soon as she steps in the door literally , and she acquires a powerful stalker She is surprised to find out that pixies and weres exist, and her stalker is actually the King Pixie She is also shocked to find how her family has ties to the age old battle between the pixies and the weres She has to fight along side her new best friends to help save the world, and save herself from becoming the Queen Pixie.Now that that s over, let s talk about my opinion.All right One word to describe this book stupid You could actually use pointless too This book felt like a complete waste of time, and it took every inch of my willpower to finish it up Halfway through the book, I was about to throw it against the wall or something Talk about unoriginal and forced Whew This book was obviously written for the Twilight crew, for the two books greatly resembled each other and that is definitely not a good thing Anyways, let s break it down into elements Negative Elements The Plot I ve seen this plot time and time again Girl with tragic past moves to new town Girl makes a boatload of new friends and is torn between two unrealistically hot guys Girl gets into trouble through her own stupidity that is somehow portrayed as courage Helpless girl gets beat up a little but not so much as to distort her pretty features and is saved by her love With the help of her awesome friends, the bad guy is defeated Girl ends up with hunkiest guy That was the plot, no joke It was so predictable so boring The ending, however, is what really made me uncomfortable Way to make the bad guy look like a wimp and set up a boring ending, Ms Jones.The Characters I thought the characters, especially the main one, were extremely annoying and unoriginal Zara is a perfect embodiment of Mary Sue She was too perfect, and idealized by the other characters Nothing is wrong with being liked by others, but it is a problem when you re loved by all and don t have a personality Her lack of flaws, stupidity and neediness alone was enough to drive me insane Continuing the trend of current YA novels, she was way too dependent on Nick She couldn t live without him, couldn t stop thinking about him, etc The other characters were also perfect in pretty much every way they only had a few, obviously placed flaws The antagonists were wimps who were too stupid for their own good.The Romance Gosh, talk about corny The romance between Nick and Zara was completely fake Nick, of course, was REPEATEDLY as in throughout the entire freakin book described by Zara as having bulging muscles, smooth skin, dreamy eyes, a washboard stomach, a Mediterranean tan, ultra soft lips, luscious hair, manly scruff, blah, blah, and blah Their so called chemistry was based solely on looks, not what really counts All Zara talked about was how cute Nick was groan As for Nick, he was a flawless hunk whose only goal in life was to protect Zara Ha ha, sound familiar The Believability Okay, I know it s a story about Pixies and Weres, but come on The author could have made it at least a little bit believable Everyone was so calm about finding out the pixies and weres actually existed If I moved to a new town and some people I barely knew told me these types of things existed, I would contact a mental institute Zara was just like, Pixies Like, no way Like, they actually exist I totally believe you Everyone was so matter of fact It was annoying Obviously this was done to bypass the time needed to create an exceptional novel This book, if you can ever call it that, was a money maker and nothing else The author did not write to selflessly put her imaginary world on paper, she wrote to exploit this generation s young adults and cash in a huge profit.The Dialogue Forced and lacked meaning The entire dialogue was full of bad sarcasm, stupid comments questions and cheap romance Need I explain Positive Elements The Phobias The ONLY thing I enjoyed about this book was Zara s hobby chanting all the phobias Every chapter was titled a phobia, and Zara was constantly describing them I enjoyed reading them and finding out what they meant I especially loved the long ones that I couldn t pronounce.All in all,I found this book to be a waste of time, and I don t recommend it to anyone Feel free to disagree with me, but this is one of the worst books I ve ever read I hated how the not so evil villains acted and how all the females were portrayed as useless damsels It was uncomfortable and uninteresting Read it if you dare. I d give this book 2.5 stars if I could The beginning starts off a little strange We re not given much description and we pretty much live inside Zara s head There s a lot of dialogue and inner monologue, and while it s quick to read, it s just not as engaging as it could have been Plus, Zara s obsessions with phobias is a little odd and it s never really explained why or how she remembers them all.At first I was thinking that this was going to turn out to be a typical teen book with all the cliches, but there were enough surprises along the way that I could look past the shortcomings of the novel The characters are developed well enough, even though most are pretty much standard fare for any teen novel the mean blond pretty popular girl, the hot mysterious guy that falls for the awkward girl, awkward girl s slightly awkward friend with bonus handicapped boyfriend I was a little disappointed that the author stuck to these less than creative roles, but it didn t kill my interest in the story.Zara s step dad dies and her Mom sends her to Maine to live with her Grandmother, Betty Zara is used to North Carolina weather so she constantly complains about the snow, ice, and cold temperatures Since I live in Michigan I can sympathize, but Zara whines about it excessively.Zara is being stalked by a man and her friends set out to find out who or what he is With one day of research they come upon the idea that he s the Pixie King I m not sure how they come up with this, I don t know if you can do a Google search for stalker, man, following, pointing, fast and come up with Pixie King as a result, but they did it somehow Zara doesn t even mention the gold dust that she sees, which would have been a valuable search keyword, so I m not sure how they arrive at this conclusion.Once Zara figures out what s going on in the town and about who s following her, the story really picks up In fact, it picks up so fast that it s over before you know it The fight between Zara and the Pixie King is anti climatic and pretty much the first plan she comes up with works on the first try Zara accepts the fact that pixies are real and comes up with the plan to defeat them so quickly that it s kind of absurd Plus, the way she defeats them is so hypocritical since she s constantly spouting off about Amnesty International and how people that are falsely imprisoned need the help of letter writing teens, which was also another weird obsession that Zara had.I know there s a second book coming out but I can t stand it when an author plans for that I m going to read it but I hope I enjoy it than I did Need I like the characters and the world, but I think the pixies got a raw deal in the end, and I hope we get to learn about them My reviews of Captivate Need, 2 and Entice Need, 3.