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Road to Eugenica is so different from other books that I have read I couldn t put it down Such an amazing journey, and an ending that will have you counting down the days for the next installment of the series I received a free ecopy in exchange for an honest review.Yesterday, Drea was a regular high school student Today Today, she s suddenly super smart, can speak many languages, and she instinctively knows how to fight She has no clue where her new skills came from, but she s not complaining But, someone knows her secret and they re after her in fact, they ve been looking for her her whole life With Dylan, her best friend, and Maddox, a new guy at school, they re going to get some answers once and for all Drea will have to push her abilities to her limits as she begins to learn that nothing is quite as straightforward as it seems.I m so glad I tried this debut YA sci fi novel The concept sounded so fascinating that I could resist It really hits its stride about a fifth of the way in, so don t be discouraged by the slower pace it takes in the beginning It takes a little time to get going, but once it does you won t want to put it down I particularly enjoyed solving the mystery with Drea, Dylan, and Maddox and all of the twists and turns that come at us I also particularly liked the sci fi elements, which we don t see often enough in YA I d go on, but I d be getting deep into spoiler territory In my opinion, the weakest aspect of this story is love triangle, but then again love triangles usually aren t a favorite, but it s handled here pretty well We get a good sense of all three characters in fact, that some of the reveals about these characters leave me absolutely dying for.Overall, Road to Eurgenica by A.M Rose is a YA sci fi debut that s well picking up just be sure to give it plenty of time in the beginning to get going because it s going to be good I m really looking forward to seeing where this series will go After that conclusion, I m dying for from this author. @DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⚟ Road to Eugenica ⚫ Two Dimensions And The Girl Who Connects ThemYesterday, Drea Smith Couldn T Do Anything Spectacular Even Walking And Texting At The Same Time Was A Challenge But Today, She Suddenly Has Answers Than Google, Can Speak And Understand Numerous Languages, And She Can Fight Like A BossSuper FreakyDrea Has No Idea Where Her Encyclopedic Knowledge Has Come From, But She Ll Take It When She Discovers Someone Out There Knows Her Secret And Wants Her Badly And That They Ve Been Searching For Her Since She Was Born Since She Was Created With The Help Of Her Best Friend Dylan, Who Just Wants To Keep Her Safe, And Maddox, A Mysterious New Boy Who Is Prepared To Get Her Answers, Drea Will Have To Push Her New Skills To Their Limit As She Uncovers Nothing Is Quite What It Seems As She Uncovers Eugenica It s hard to be surprised any, but this book is so unique I became engrossed almost immediately High school senior, Drea, has resigned herself to the friend zone with the attractive, athletic, Dylan, but when a gorgeous new boy enters the scene, Drea s world begins to change Maddox is all about her, but just as things begin to get interesting with new guy, tragedy strikes Suddenly, strange things begin to happen to Drea She can remember anything She can destroy it on Jeopardy And physically, things are different, too The anti athlete can suddenly play sports and her body can heal unnaturally fast Then, Drea s mother reveals a shocking secret and the story takes off in a wonderfully unexpected direction If you like sci fi and adventure in your YA, read this book It s surprising, exciting, romantic, and left me eager for the next installment The synopsis of Road to Eugenica instantly grabbed me, leaving me with the belief this was just the kind of book I needed Being a fan of young adult science fiction, I was than happy to dive in with my high hopes Unfortunately, this was one of those books I had a lot of trouble with.My issues started quite early on, when I found I wasn t sucked into the story Having been excited for this one, though, I told myself to stick with it Sometimes books are slow to start, sometimes you need to stick with things, and you can be surprised once you are part way through a book Yet the percentage kept jumping ten, twenty, thirty, forty, and so on but it was at an extremely slow pace I wasn t sucked in, I was forcing myself to read I wanted to enjoy this one, I really did, but I just couldn t.Mainly, it s because I did not care about the characters at all Our female lead left me rolling my eyes, left me disinterested in her life the males were only marginally better, there were a couple of moments of interest but they were fleeting I kept waiting for something about the characters to scream out to me, was waiting for an interest in any of them, but it did not happen Without a connection to any of the characters, I didn t much care about where the story was going.What stopped this book from being a one star rating was the science fiction element It was overshadowed by clich s and love triangle annoyances, but there was the potential there Had the story focused upon this, had we spent time looking for answers rather than bouncing around all the teenage hormones, I may have cared about the story As it was, I found myself skimming sections unrelated to the science fiction element.Overall, this book wasn t for me I m sure many will enjoy it, but it wasn t what I was looking for. So excited for this Alexandrea Smith is an average teenager She fights with her mom, adores her dad, and struggles at school She s been best friends with Dylan forever, but she wants something.Then something happens that changes everything Full Disclosure I am A.M Rose s critique partner And I love this story.Suddenly school is a breeze and goodbye two left feet It s insane and inexplicable Is this a chosen one story Maybe But what s fresh about Road To Eugenica is Drea is still an average girl Yes, she s stronger, faster, smarter but she s not wiser She s still Drea, a girl who struggles with her insecurities and has no idea how to leave the friend zone, or whether she even should now that Maddox is in the picture She s a completely relatable heroine thrust into a role she isn t prepared for Watching her grow and learn to lead is fun and often poignant Save the world First kiss They re both on her to do list, and she s not sure which one scares her.This is a terrific exciting read, with a likeable heroine on a journey beyond her wildest dreams Can t wait for book two. Checkout my full review on my blog was drawn by the summary and I m so glad I read this book I was hooked from beginning to end There are shocking secrets that take you to unexpected directions and revelations This book was outside of the box and I just wanted to keep reading Road to Eugenica is full of mystery and suspense with sci fi elements Drea was living a normal life till one day she gains all the knowledge that is imaginable, like an encyclopedia I was on the edge of my seat towards the ending and I can t wait for the second book I loved the premise of this Drea goes from an ordinary teenager to a girl with the knowledge of an encyclopedia in a day, and that s just the beginning of the strange things that drop into her life Her world is turned upside down, and she s torn between two boys and the need to uncover the secrets surrounding her life This debut novel is full of twists and turns, plenty of romance, and an ending that won t disappoint I loved everything about A.M Rose s debut YA novel, ROAD TO EUGENICA, from the main character Drea, to the plot twists and romance, and especially to the clever message of this story This is a one sitting read that you will think about long after you finish I can t wait for the next book in the series to continue the adventure with Drea, Dylan, and the wonderful characters of this world Great book, and an amazing new author to add to my one click list