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My daughters and I have all enjoyed the Liberty books, and this one wrapped up the trilogy very well indeed It was exciting, thoughtful, and offered hope at the end This is a great combination of complex characters in a very detailed setting who must make hard choices in a dangerous and troubled world Excellent story. [Download Epub] ☨ Fight for Liberty ♍ He Has Sent Me To Set At Liberty Those Who Are Oppressed Liberty Has Gained A Deeper Understanding Of True Freedom, But Having It For Herself Is Not Enough Prompted By The Inner Voice That Has Guided Her For Years, Liberty Is Compelled To Bring The Freedom She Possesses To Others In Aldonia While Unsure Of How To Carry Out This Mission, She Is Willing To Risk All To Accomplish It Threats From Outside The Boundary Fence And Threats Closer To Home Cause Chaos And Confusion That Have Everyone Unsure Of What Direction To Take Troubled By Liberty S Risky Choices, Dedrick Wishes He Could Convince Her To Leave For The Colonies But Liberty Has Chosen Aldonia Over HimWhen Faith, Family, And Freedom Have Been Squashed, What Can One Person Or Even A Group Do To Reclaim The Culture The third book in the trilogy delivers a satisfying ending to Liberty s story The characters open up and grow The only thing I was disappointed with was that she didn t have a revelation that My Friend was Our Lord or her guardian angel Her belief in God felt like it was still sketchy, rather than He was with her as My Friend all along Other than that, there was lots of action and also time for reflection Loved the series We need like it. And then in Fight for Liberty, it all comes so satisfyingly full circle Something Linden does so powerfully in this conclusion ish to the series is that the encourages us to look at the future of freedom and, frankly, the present through the lens of our history The way she approached a renewal of personal freedom as a rebirth of the ideals and courage of the American Revolution is a tack we don t see often taken in speculative fiction It works Fresh, engaging, honest and uplifting, we can see our future as fraught with danger but also promising courage and hope and the best humanity has to offer. Some regimes go out with a bang, others with a whimper In Fight for Liberty, Theresa Linden takes the reader on a wild ride as Aldonia and its surrounds descend into chaos Despite the seismic changes going on around them, Dedrick s love for Liberty is steadfast With each risky mission she undertakes, Liberty must consider where and how can she do the most good and whether her future will include Dedrick Should she commit herself to bringing freedom to Aldonia, or are there other, subtle ways she can make a difference The final book in the Liberty Trilogy includes all the action and intrigue you d expect along with the resolution of Liberty s seemingly paradoxical quest to both be free and to belong I reviewed an advance copy of Fight for Liberty provided by the author, who is a fellow member of the Catholic Writers Guild.