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Liberation, Book 3 could have, with some adjustments, served as the conclusion to the I Am Margaret series With that in mind, I wondered where Bane s Eyes would take the story.Corinna Turner does a great job in bringing the reader into the darkness both literal and figurative pervading Margaret and Bane s fledgling marriage Margaret s growing burdens and increasing isolation are palpable.Beyond their marriage, the final installment turns every relationship inward as multiple characters wrestle with forgiveness and conversion From Bane and Margaret to Major Everington, Kyle, and others, they have to learn live with themselves, whatever becomes of the EuroGov.In addition to the interior struggles, plenty of exterior tension and action move the story forward as the Underground uses both political maneuvers and media savvy to create a groundswell of support for peaceful revolution.All loose ends are tied up in a satisfying conclusion filled with hope despite those who have been lost and the challenges sure to come.I Am Margaret is a series I look forward to re reading Filled with action, tension, romance, and courage, it s not only a thrilling read, but a profound reflection on the things that matter most those that are worth dying for The author is a fellow member of the Catholic Writers Guild I received a complimentary copy for my honest review. This was an awesome series I loved the ending so much love,Faith, and encouragement Btw this contains spoilers Oh my goodness, why did Bane have to lose his eyes He is definitely my favorite What surprised me was that they redeemed the not major Lucas Everington I hated him last book, now I can t see him die He s turned into one of my favorites He was such a great when he sacrificed him self for Bane s eyes Bane is so awesome, but as some points I wanted to punch him, like when he got Margo or when he tried to kill him self multiple times What made me really want to punch him is what he thought Margo thought, jon, Margo, this big idiot is convinced you re terrified of him and the only reason you haven t kicked him the hell out yet is because you re a too good believer to let him comm it self murder Oh my goodness bane And I can t even with father Mark. I am a fan of dystopian fiction But when the story contains elements of faith, it is so much powerful to me This dystopian series rocks Bane s Eyes is packed with adventure, challenges, trials, and authentic human emotions I particularly loved how the underground Catholic Church is shown Turner s writing is incredibly strong and visual, perfect for a dystopian story And the characters are all so well developed, three dimensional with strengths and flaws, and they each continue to grow.Oddly, I missed the first book in this series so I have to get my hands on that But I loved the others Book 1 I am Margaret excellent Book 2 The Three Most Wanted very goodBook 3 Liberation alrightBook 4 Bane s Eyes very goodOverall I really enjoyed this series, about a dystopian not too distant future set in what is currently the European Union or, as it is called in the books, the Eurobloc The logical developments of the culture of death and concomitant rise of a totalitarian government are presented very convincingly, although it s origins could have been examined at greater depth The best part of the book, for me, was the portrayal of Catholicism and underground Catholic culture during this very difficult tribulation, including the use of Latin as the code language among believers, the epic Swiss Guards, and the overall struggle between the Faith and the dominant secularist regime A couple criticisms The author tended to focus on only one plot line, esp in the last two books, when she could have easily bounced around between characters a bit to heighten the suspense and resolution Also, there were times when I felt the female author was writing to a female audience, which as a man was occasionally distracting Neither of these two critiques prevented me from enjoying the tetralogy very much Books 1 2 were engaging page turners the plot seemed to lag in Book 3, but Book 4 made up for this by its exciting and moving resolutions Perhaps the story ended a bit predictably though there were some moving plot twists but who doesn t enjoy a happy ending I found myself liking the characters, who had strong and unique personalities, and experienced various levels of growth Thank you for the very enjoyable and edifying fiction, Corinna I look forward to reading your other books see John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae I have read the other three in the I Am Margaret series, and was for some reason putting off reading the last book, Bane s Eyes But it s definitely worth the read, for the enjoyable way most of the loose ends are wrapped up Turner has quite a few unexpected twists and turns, which I greatly enjoyed There s a lot of Catholic appreciation in I Am Margaret, but not in a long winded, sermonizing fashion, thankfully. Bane s Eyes is now my favorite in the the I Am Margaret series Corinna Turner really tied everything up in this last book While I m sad to be done with this fantastic dystopian series, I am happy with how the story turned out for the three main characters I m also impressed with how themes of suffering, death, and forgiveness were handled in this last book I can t recommend this series enough Thanks for the incredible journey, Corinna Turner &Pdf ✔ Banes Eyes (I Am Margaret, #4) ⇣ Bane, I Know It S Risky, But I Think I Should Do This SpeechWe Ve Got To Win If We Don T, We Re All Dead A HUSBAND IN DESPAIR AN ENEMY IN NEEDA LIFE AND DEATH VOTEIn Three Months, The Citizens Of The EuroGov Will Decidewhether Or Not To Abolish Sorting, The Grim Annualharvesting Of Imperfect Teenagers For Their OrgansIf They Vote The Wrong Way, Then Margoand Everyone She Cares About Will DieWhile Her Beloved Bane Struggles To Cope With The Loss Of His Eyes, Thelives Of Millions Of Young People And Believers Are At Stake As Margoembarks On Increasingly Risky Media Missions Out Of The VaticanEvery Step She Takes Is Steeped With Political ConsequencesBut Threats Soon Loom From The Most Unexpected Quarters,compromising Even The Security Of The Vatican State,and With The Vote Hanging In The Balance,the Media Battle Threatens To Turn Into Real WarBane Is Desperate To Join Margo In The Fight,but How Can He Without His Eyes This is the first book in the series to make me cry This story was heartbreaking and gut wrenching but so so good This is definitely my favourite of the four It just kept me on the edge of my seat til the very end I really enjoyed this series It was one of those I didn t want to end This book was the best It is fast paced and it really draws you in I hope there will be books at some point.