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!DOWNLOAD EPUB ☩ Someday (Yesterday & Tomorrow #1) ⚇ IF YOU WANT TO DIE, SIT DOWN HEREWE WILL KILL YOUIF YOU DON T WANT TO DIE, YOU WILL ENTER THE TRUCK Ruth And Gemma Have A Physics Exam In The MorningBecky And Alleluia Are Revising For Their A LevelsSo It S An Absolute Nightmare To Be Woken By The Fire Alarm In Dead Of The NightBut For Them, And For Other Girls From Chisbrook Hall Girls Boarding School, The Real Nightmare Is Just BeginningBecause Al Qabda Are Taking Them All AwayWhether They Want To Go Or Not When 276 schoolgirls were kidnapped by Boko Haram in Chibok, Nigeria, everyone was shocked Imagine if that had happened in Berkshire Well that s what Corinna Turner did Through different voices that of Ruth, Gemma, Yoko, Alleluia and Daniyah, to name but a few Corinna reinterprets this terrible story as if it happened to middle class girls in England Through the characters she represents the different beliefs of the girls and does a very good job at respecting all opinions She doesn t shy away from the brutality of the situation either, but tells you enough to get the point without completely freaking you out This is not an easy book to read, but it is very important for keeping the tragedy alive and in people s minds Following announcement in the press of the release of 21 of the 216 schoolgirls, this is a timely book to read. Well.So.If you ve read my review for I Am Margaret, you willhave a preview of how this is going to go.To begin with, titling the book Someday was a major misstep as searching for it simply under its name brings you to all the musty romance books on Goodreads Have fun sorting through those If you want to die quickly from alcohol poisoning, try the drinking game in my notes highlights I calculate that since I read this in under 48 hours it s quite short and had 17 notes to take a shot, those aren t good odds for escaping liver damage.Now, this was better than I am Margaret Unfortunately, this doesn t mean it was good It was still written in first person 1 star and this was made worse by the fact that there are approximately 20 POV characters and they all sound approximately the same 1 star Each character s turn in the spotlight is short and the camera rotates at a disorienting speed, so good luck keeping track of anything that s going on On the bright side, you can speedread through the characters who aren t actually one of the kidnapped girls as their segments tend to merely consist of pontificating about whatever their religion is I think that the diversity of religions among the characters actually greatly improved this book While they mostly felt strawmanned, at least there was some variety I was expecting it to be considerably graphic For what it is, the level of violence is pretty nominal People get shot and beheaded All the rape happens off camera It evoked very minimal emotional responses in me I think my most exuberant moment was when view spoiler Gemma vowed revenge for Ruth Good for you Gemma, you were somehow the most likeable character hide spoiler Absolutely brutal This book was painful to read and I could barely hold back the tears as I read it on the Underground Corrina Turner places the story of the 276 girls kidnapped in Nigeria back in England, in our society and our communities This is an immensely important read for us Westerners who only remember conflicts while they are still displayed in our TVs and newspapers Little do we care about murder, kidnappings and genocide till they happen on our front door The author understands how to reach our hearts even though we are desensitised to atrocities and are happy enough to get on with our lives using the news only as a provider of corridor small talk topics.This is possibly one of the first books I would truly recommend to everyone I know and I will definitely be getting some extra copies to hand out to some of my friends. Corinna Turner has produced another masterfully gripping story I read it in one day Interestingly, there are no chapters at all, just point of view shifts from cover to cover which made it feel all the fast paced I hoped to be able to share with my daughter but I think I will wait considering the inclusion of rape in the plot That isn t a criticism, this is the reality of what the girls faced, I just don t think she is old enough for that yet. In relocating the story of the Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram to an English boarding school, author Corinna Turner brutally brings home the reality of this incident that has largely slipped from Western consciousness Someday is horrifyingly real, drawing on the experiences of the few girls who managed to escape the 2014 kidnapping It skilfully and painfully brings home what the experience was like, not just for the girls, but also for the local residents and those committed to searching for them, Christian, atheist and Muslim alike This is not a comfortable read, but it is an important one It is horrifying without being graphic and I highly recommend it.I also encourage readers to buy this book as all proceeds are donated to Aid to the Church in Need a charity that provides relief to persecuted Christians all over the world. This was not an easy book to read It was not a fun book to read But it was a very important book to read It takes the events from the news of the Boko Haram Chibok school girls kidnappings and recasts it set in England A group of girls from a British academy and are quickly transported off continent Often while reading this book I thought about Matthew McConaughey as Jake Tyler Brigance in the film adaption of A Time to Kill When during the trial he tells the story of the attack and then ends with And now imagine she is white I could not help but wonder If Boko Haram had kidnapped European girls if they would have been recovered by now, would we still be hunting for them The story is gripping, the events terrible And as we read this fictionalized version we cannot help but imagine the real life terrors As a father of daughters I cannot imagine anything worse There were times I was reading this book where my stomach was in my throat There were times when I wanted to quit reading, but the subject was too important to take the easy way out The book really got me praying, for the Chibok school girls, for all victims of violence I would not want my children reading this book any time soon It is not for the faint of heart And even though it is not explicit in the violence the women face, it leaves one disturbed on many levels The story is written in a series of first person narratives, often jumping back and forth from characters and locations and across plot lines The story is poignant, powerful and profoundly moving Turner does an amazing job of presenting many different faith traditions through different characters in this book Those who are horrified but what their fellow believers have done, to those of a number of different faiths and how they respond to this situation And though she is a Catholic author and the main theme is a Catholic story it is incredibly well written with respect to other beliefs.Corinna Turner was troubled by these events and these questions Her way of helping was to write this book and donate the proceeds to Aid to the Church in Need It also serves as a reminder that most of those girls are still missing And to bring them back to mind I do not lightly recommend this book And it is not for all readers And yet I know that reading this fictionalized version of real events has brought me to my knees in prayer and have forever left a mark upon me.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Corinna Turner As well as an author profile and interview with Corinna. If you re attuned to the news, you ll remember when 272 Nigerian schoolgirls were kidnapped on April 14th, 2014 It was a horrifying story, and the saddest part is that the majority of them remain in captivity.British author Corinna Turner was deeply impacted by the story and felt convicted to write about the situation She chose to move the setting to England, so that the true horror of the atrocity might be readily felt and understood by Western readers.And gripping it is I was given the chance to assist in vetting the novella for American readers identifying British phrases that might not make sense to American readers , and I simply raced through the story I had to It is intense and important and horrible Really, really horrible things happen to these girls, and Turner has such a strong grasp of character that you feel intensely for each and every person The only way I could handle the depth of emotion was to get through it as quickly as possible.The novella construction is interesting it is entirely first person perspective, but has over a dozen viewpoint characters This gives it enormous power and is a very effective device but takes a bit of getting used to The characters are well drawn and distinct, with a wide range of viewpoints Turner and several of her main characters are Catholic, but there are also Protestants, Muslims, Atheists and a Shintoist.This is such an important book, but I must strongly caution sensitive readers There is a lot of violence, all inflicted on girls aged 14 18 Several graphic deaths take place in the first person Most sexual violence is discreetly described or happens offscreen, but the details are all too easy to imagine, very vividly.Turner does a very good job of interspacing the darkness of the experience of the kidnapped girls with the hope and efforts of the searchers and rescuers many experiences are actually based in true stories but one cannot escape the fact that, although this is a fictionalized account, it is not sensationalized These horrors are true Most of the schoolgirls are still missing, and their true stories as far as we have discovered are relayed through news articles in the back of the book.I read a lot, and very little moves me to tears I broke down weeping at the climax.I would strongly recommend this book ONLY to readers over the age of 18 I would also strongly recommend reading it with a friend or group of friends to debrief afterwards But I do recommend reading it, if you believe you can handle it We must face the truth in order to change it.The profits from this book go to Aid the Church in Need So even as you read the horrors unfold, you will know that you have already contributed towards the cause.