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[[ Read Epub ]] ã I Am Margaret (I Am Margaret #1) ⛓ In Margo S World, If You Don T Pass Your Sorting At You Are Recycled LiterallyMargaret Verrall Dreams Of Marrying The Boy She Loves And Spending Her Life With Him But She S Part Of The Underground Network Of Believers And With The Persecution That Carries The Death PenaltyAnd There S Just One Other ProblemShe S Going To Fail Her SortingBut A Chance To Take On The System Ups The Stakes Beyond Mere SurvivalNow She Has To Break Out Of The Facility Or Face The Worst Martyrdom Of AllConscious Dismantlement I got this book from a goodreads giveaway.And I m so happy I did because this book is great I didn t think I would like it as much as I did The into the book that I got the I liked it and the pace of the book was also good I can t wait for The tree most wanted.I really liked the writing style, it was easy to read and the fonts and font sizes also made it easy The font wasn t to big ant it wasn t too small I liked how we were told about how the sorting and everything happened through Margaret s story for everyone, it was easy to understand Also how other things were explained I figured that the plan to escape would be easy because Bane snuck in to see her a couple times I also expected a lot guards to be there.I didn t like Jane very much she was quite mean even if Sarah wouldn t understand what was happening I liked Jon and Margaret when they were pretending to be a couple, I kept wondering how Bane would feel about it The book that Margaret was wanting to get published, and did, was great and it could get some people to rethink the idea about sorting but I thought it was a big risk to take.The plan for them to escape was quite difficult for me to understand especially since most of the final plan was revealed all at once with Bane so it was two different plans.I didn t like how Margaret s attitude was to the Major when they talked about flowers because that was unnecessary and something bad could have happened to her.I really like Bane and Margaret as a couple and I hope they stay together for the other books.I loved how Margaret and Bane and her parents talked So many things had a secret meaning.I liked the ending, it doesn t kill us with suspense but I also want to know what will happen to them as they go to York and try to get to a safe place. Incredible read, riveting Could not put it down.Full review Sometimes it really pays to follow authors you really like Regina Doman recently posted about this book, and it caught my attention To be honest I had never heard of the author or the series I am so glad it did This is one of the best books I have read this year and the best new Catholic fiction author I have discovered in years This book was incredible.I literally could not put this book down Even though I had to be up early to travel I stayed up way way too late to keep reading I could barely put it down the two times I had to take breaks from reading it And each time all I could do was keep thinking about it In fact it was so powerful even though I finished it two days ago I keep playing over parts of the book and wondering what will happen next It was only towards the end of the book that I found out that it is part of a series Something I am extremely grateful for For me there are a few hallmarks of great books 1 I know I will read it again2 I can t wait to share it with my children as they grow up3 I keep sharing about it with othersThis book meets all three of those categories And it was one of the best books I have read in ages.This story is set in the near future, much of the world s nations have amalgamated into regional entities And all religions have been banned Margaret Verrall lives in the EuroGov and at 18 there is the sorting test Those who pass go on to productive lives in society and those who do not become ReAssigness and are literally recycled They go to a facility and for the next 2 years are being prepared to be in prime condition for harvesting unless there is a specific need for their parts before then But Margaret has two major problems first she is pretty sure she will fail the testing as she really struggles with math, and second she is part of the underground network of believers But she is in love and Bane will not just let the government take her.This story has incredible characters Runs at a breakneck pace from start to finish And is very very well written Give this book a try it will enthrall you and leave you hungry for of the story.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More. I love this book, but then, I would Corinna Turner didn t get an MA from Oxford for nothingI Am Margaretis exciting from beginning to end You ll never be bored with this one Margo A survivor She suffered through a dead brother, failed Sorting test imagineinstead of SATs determining what college you ll go to, it determines whether you ll live or will your organs be harvested , and even a view spoiler conscious dismantlement hide spoiler