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Check out of my reviews at Singing and Reading in the Rain It s hard to capture in words just how turbulent Click to Subscribe is It captured so many different stages of falling in love in a beautiful, heart warming story like a photo series done by the most renown photographer.Click to Subscribe will make your heart pound ridiculously We had romantic tension between our two characters Cat and West, and with that romantic tension came the unspeakable awkwardness that will make you laugh and want to hug the characters It s impossible not to smile from page one, if only at the clever dialogue Its brevity doesn t matter, because LM makes use of every single page, and it s kind of scary how well he uses the pages The beginning sets you up for the turmoil and romance that is the middle and very end You ll fall in love for its cuteness, awkwardness, and romance And you also may cry at the end. I had the priviledge of receiving a copy of this last month from L.M.I m so glad he gave me the opportunity to read and review this book Everyone knows I am a very BIG HEA Addict This book has such a great HEA it was truly amazing This was a sweet, fun read, with romance and vanilla Ice cream with rainbow sprinkles You will have some bouts of laughter with this book for sure This book is clever, witty, and hilarious I couldn t get enough of how great it was, especially when the characters were talking to each other their name calling of each other in a good way, the banter back and forth They truly were two best friends I loved the way West and Cat developed together from friends into then friends Nothing about this book was predictable The banter back and forth was great They truly acted like they wanted in public and did not care what other people thought about them at all They just got each other and it was so real, every last bit of it We can be friends for now But West Ryder, if you think this means I won t fight for you with every last breath I have, you re in for a hell of a surprise I 3 Sam Green I fell in love with you, and that changed everything But let me tell you, West, no matter what happens, no matter where you go, I will also always be in love with you And you don t have to love me back Hell, you don t need to ever talk to me again Will I be hurt Yes Will I want you back Yes But it will all still be worth it, because you have made it worth it Because loving you has made it worth it I love you, West Ryder, Cat finally says, because you re you Because you re smart and funny and weird and so goddamn charming she smiles distantly and you aren t afraid to be you I love you because we mesh, because you re weird and I m weird and we re all weird together When I m around you I can t stop smiling and yeah, that s incredibly cheesy, but it is entirely true I love you because I feel lonely when I m not talking to you, not with you I love you, West, because you are the one for me I m scared too, you know, she breathes, and her lips just linger there, in front of me, but I m ready to risk it because I know, deep down, that no matter what, I won t stop loving you I m always here for you No matter what.I know that I, West Ryder, am in love with my best friend.Book Blurb 135,789 That s how many subscribers sixteen year old West Ryder has on his web vlog series But he only has eyes for one of them As one of the internet s most prestigious video bloggers, West talks about high school relationships under the name Sam Green As far as he knows, no one from school, not even his best friend, Cat, has seen his videos But the highlight of the whole thing is Harper Knight, who comments every day at exactly 2 02 in the afternoon He doesn t know anything about her aside from the occasional deep philosophical messaging on why pizza tastes so delicious, but as stupid as it sounds, he might be falling for her So when they finally agree to meet in real life, West s hope for romance seems and in reach But that all changes as soon as he arrives at their meeting spot and sees Cat walking toward him, wearing the same I 3 Sam Green T shirt Harper promised she d have on.To his alarm, West realizes he is falling in love with the best friend who has always been a sister to himIf your looking for a fun, sweet, romantic and dorky read then this is surely for you And YES it does have an HEA 4.5 stars Thank you L M Augustine for sending me this beautiful book No compensation was given or taken to alter this review Going into Click to Subscribe, I already had this gut feeling that I was going love this book Naturally, I was right After a long anticipated wait, I dug right in, ditching all other books upon receiving the ARC L M introduces readers into a completely new take on best friend romance to a realistic and emotionally driven level Click To Subscribe promises a clean YA romance that will either keep you crying or laughing throughout Heck, I was laughing and crying at the same time so darn much my mother swore she was going to take me to see a doctor at that rateVlogging is something I can t not do, and I never feel at peace than when I m talking in front of the camera, filming my next vlog Some nights I stay up thinking about what to vlog about next, while on other nights, I lie awake smiling at the fact that I have, like, real subscribers the one constant in my life nowadaysDystopian, sci fi, thriller, this, that, blah, blah What s the common trait The characters are so freakin serious In that genre, yes, I love it But in contemporary, I say that borders somewhat illegal to do Who would want monotone, dead seriously people who just whet round killing people, all perfect and URGH Contemporary is meant to be much realistic and relatable Unlike other YA romances, the characters L M created were flawless and genuine Both Cat and West were how I envisioned teen characters to act compete nerds that I could easily become emotionally attached to The way the author illustrated West was extraordinary, two words off the top of my head are sarcastic and messed up West was not just likeable because he was genuine but because has many things in common to most of us readers Most of us act like young adults, we are all weird book nerds and some, are bloggers or vloggers Maybe that was what attracted me in the first place that I knew that West was going to be so relatable and easy to comprehend in that matter While the amount L M contained did sort of satisfy, I wanted to know about West s vlogging life A the end of the book, a part of me felt empty and nagging to know about his vlog We barely touch on the subject apart from how that s were the romance erupted and where he attempted some emotional break down confessions Nonetheless, West was a loveable character that was cute, nerdy, confident and admirable in multiple ways Just running around in Toys R Us is just one example to show how he can so carefreeNeither of them seems to understand just how intimate my relationship with ice cream isWithout doubt, the thing that made this book go with sparkling stars was the romance I LOVED IT SO MUCH It wasn t as predictable as I had originally believed Nothing even close to cheesy or cliche or even frustrating Awkward and darn right hilarious are better words to explain this masterpiece The way Cat and West developed together was so cute and awkward to read, I constantly felt myself looking away from an awkward scene too embarrassed to read on Which I guess definitely says that L M can absolutely drag readers into a same yet original world Just simply divine Another small sad issue was that the story was driven by dialogue It wasn t as irritating of noticeable than other books but after some time thinking about this, I felt that it leaned towards of a script than a novel While actions and emotions WERE THERE, I wanted it to contain depth and showing than telling I feel like I should talk about the emotions L M hit me with There were only two major expressions on my face, like I said before happy and sad Basic yet twisted and gave me a hard time to recover after the ending of this book I laughed at the childish actions of West and Cat, and cried for the heart breaks in between If anyone is searching for something to take them on a ride of emotions, Click to Subscribe is suited perfectly for them Awkwardly epic, L M Augustine wrote one of the best contemporary romances I ve ever come across If could definitely be better than some of the published ones too I will plan to arrange an uprising for a sequel eyes Liam because West and Cat are a great couple 3 Recommended to lovers of cute teen romances and Katie McGarry s novels. Well, sometimes love is right in front of you the whole time, even if you don t realize it And, like your vlog, all you have to do is click to subscribeFirst of all, thank you L M Augustine for being so awesome and sending me an eARC even though I don t have a blog It really meant a lot.Let me tell you this, this book is literally made of awesome I mean, it had Harry Potter, Nemo Dory, awesome cow doing the disco while standing on a bike and balancing a pizza on its head GIF and so many mentions There s only one word for it and that word is awesomeness.I couldn t stop reading I felt like my fan girl heart was going to explode because of the sheer amount of cuteness And, oh my llama, it was so funnyWell, when mommie and daddie love each other very much, theyTwo Words THE HAIKUSMy haikus bring allthe girls to the yard damn rightthey re better than yours I abso freaking lutely loved this book And yes, it is perfectly normal for an elephant to use a trampoline Before I read the book 30 3 2013 Three words French.The.Llama.Video blogger, Sam Green and PIZZA L.M Augustine, you are a true Nerdfighter I just know that this book is going to be made of awesome Reading chapter 1whose profile is complete with an avatar of a cow riding a bicycle while simultaneously eating pizza Can this get any MORE awesome I m already hooked.I only read the first chapter and I already know I ll absolutely love this book because 1 The author is an awesome Nerdfighter.2 If the first chapter has so much awesomeness I m pretty sure that my rating is not going to change after I read the entire book.Nerdfighters Writers Awesomeness Actual Rating 2.5 starsThis book is so fluffy but other times I felt it silly I think this book captures teens today, you know with how the internet has been a vital part of their lives and most of the time they tend to become social through the internet than in real life, a means of escape that is West Ryder had become socially active in the internet after his mom died, he had made vlogs and ever since then his subscribers escalated to a hundred thousand and even found a special someone through the comment section, little did he know that love is just right their by his side all this time I like this book because it s dorky but I think the dorkiness is that even a word no of it was exaggerated that I had to roll my eyes every time it happens They talk about how awesome ice cream is which I totally agree , Harry Potter, Pizza, Chocolate kingdom Really it s all about random cute and yummy stuff it s was endearing but the heavy stuff that surrounds all the fluffiness of the book was not balanced or the combination just didn t sit well with me I think West took so long to figure things out and I don t agree with all his decision most of the time, the ending just didn t impress me but this book has a lot of potential though. So Just so this is all out in the open I REALLY want to read this book.Okay Okay I had this book for a while before I actually sat down and read it I mean, I d started it and read the first 50 pages right away, but then life happened and I had to wait So when I went back to it, I was honestly nervited to see how the book was going to go Nervited Wanna guess which two words that mixes You have five seconds, GO 12345 nervous and excited BOOM But then, I actually went back to the book and I finished it in just a few hours FINISHED IT ALL IN ONE SITTING, PEOPLE And I swear, I looked something like this at the end I loooooooooooved this book flails Character Rundown Cat I ve really gotten into listing the ladies first here, so even though this story is 100% narrated by West, we re starting with Cat She was one cool chick Nice but not a pushover, funny but not obnoxious I most definitely liked her gasp I actually liked a female character West Ahhhhhhh, West He and I are so friends He is so funny and awkward, it s so endearing This guy and his shenanigans He was such a great MC So much laughter while reading this book And highlighting Oh, the highlighting WEST IS JUST PLAIN AWESOME Boom That is all we need to know.Plot This story didn t exactly shock me or anything, but it was written exceedingly well and kept a smile on my face the whole way through I had fun going through everything West was going through I got happy whenprogress was madeand I slapped a pillow when things didn t goperfectlyyou know what The book was fantastic, okay I m trying to be cryptic and not spoil, but it is not wooooooorking Romance West and Cat are so unbelievably cute, I can t think of a couple unbelievably cuter than them They just WORK Whenever I think of them, I think of Juno which I just watched the other day and how Paulie is the cheese to her macaroni and all that I may have said that before because I m feeling like I have , but I ve never meant it as much as I do now West and Cat are quirky and hilarious and I heart them.The ending Thanks, L.M Augustine You did well, my wonderful author friend.Overall, Click to Subscribe was fantastic It was funny and awkward, and the most amazing thing to kick my summer off with Goodness, I really love this book Now I must go nag L.M to get his next book written, um, NOW, so I can reeeeeeeead iiiiiiiiiiiit More awesomeness will come from him I just know it WOOT You can find from me on my blog Just a Booklover Find this other reviews at The Demon Librarian If you read CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE s blurb, you may be expecting a cute, lighthearted story about young love It is certainly that, especially in the beginning, but don t be fooled There is a lot to CLICK than the blurb suggests, and I mean a lot Fluff, it is not This is a fully developed, emotionally rich story that will tug on every one of your heart strings.CLICK s leading man, West Ryder, is an absolute doll He s witty, laugh out loud funny, and so damn adorable you will want to pull him out of the pages, just so you can tackle hug him properly But underneath all that charm and adorableness is a young man who is carrying some serious emotional scars You see, poor West s life was turned upside down by tragedy and he s never fully recovered He s hurting and than a little lost .or he would be without his best friend Cat.Cat is 100% pure awesomesauce She s fun, caring, brave, intuitive, wise, empathetic.the list just goes on and on I adored her And I loooooved the dynamic between her and West Sometimes they are snarky and playful..other times they just sit and soak up each other s company..but no matter what mood they are in, where they go or what they say, they are always, always, there for each other.Cat and West are sheer perfection, and believe me, I don t say that lightly There is nothing faked or forced about their interactions Their chemistry and connection is palpable, and it doesn t falter the entire book They are just so damn perfect together, and yes, I totally fangirled over them You will too Trust me on that Go on, just try to resist them, I dare ya The relationship between Cat and West undergoes some dramatic shifts in the course of the book, and I must applaud L.M Augustine for his masterful handling of those changes Friends to may sound like an easy leap to make in theory, but in real life, it isn t There are a lot of powerful fears and feelings involved and L.M conveyed them all beautifully.From a technical standpoint, CLICK isn t perfect There are certain repetitive phrases throughout the narrative, and there were a few times West regurgitated the same thoughts he d already had earlier in the book I also thought the situation with West s dad was left too open ended I understand I think why it wasn t tied up with a neat little bow, but I wanted of a resolution than what I got HOWEVER, if you ask me to rate CLICK based on how it made me feel, it s 5 stars across the board I absolutely LOVED every aspect of West and Cat s story, and because of that, I m saying to hell with the technicalities, CLICK is going on my 5 star list.This book is a MUST READ, folks, so get online and grab your copy And if you should happen to bump into L.M Augustine on Twitter AuthorAugustine , Facebook, or Goodreads, tell him the evil queen sent you 5 Stars ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. *READ KINDLE ↭ Click to Subscribe ⇞ ,, That S How Many Subscribers Sixteen Year Old West Ryder Has On His Web Vlog Series But He Only Has Eyes For One Of Them As One Of The Internet S Most Prestigious Video Bloggers, West Talks About High School Relationships Under The Name Sam Green As Far As He Knows, No One From School, Not Even His Best Friend, Cat, Has Seen His Videos But The Highlight Of The Whole Thing Is Harper Knight, Who Comments Every Day At Exactly In The Afternoon He Doesn T Know Anything About Her Aside From The Occasional Deep Philosophical Messaging On Why Pizza Tastes So Delicious, But As Stupid As It Sounds, He Might Be Falling For Her So When They Finally Agree To Meet In Real Life, West S Hope For Romance Seems And In Reach But That All Changes As Soon As He Arrives At Their Meeting Spot And Sees Cat Walking Toward Him, Wearing The Same I Sam Green T Shirt Harper Promised She D Have OnTo His Alarm, West Realizes He Is Falling In Love With The Best Friend Who Has Always Been A Sister To Him I was privileged enough to have been given an ARC to read by my friend and fellow author L.M Augustine, and feel pretty happy about it I ll start out by saying that I love reading YA and NA RomanceI m a romantic at heart, a true sucker for a romance, and a HEA junkie for those of you who don t know that s Happily Ever After I LOVED this story A world without rainbow sprinkles is a world without happiness That just about sums it up Ice cream and romance, romance and ice creamthere s nothing sweeter.This story was adorable, funny, sweet, flirty, romantic, sad, and undeniably endearing I laughed, I cried, I got goosebumps, and I got a serious craving for ice cream.Let me get my anger and sadness out of the way first I was angry at West, but my anger was short lived Deep down, he already knew he loved Cat, he just couldn t pinpoint the feeling and was afraid to recognize it Rightfully so, given everything he d already lost I knew I wouldn t be mad at him forever.The relationship between West and his dad was incredibly sad, and the fact that he lost his mom, who he loved so much and was so close to, even sadder He really had no onewait, he had someonethe bright spot in his lifeCat.Everyone needs that kind of someone The person that knows you inside and out The one who can complete your sentences for you The one who knows all of your quirks and still loves you anyway Sigh.Cat and West Two pieces of a puzzle The air for each other to breathe The vanilla ice cream that isn t complete without the RAINBOW SPRINKLES.We all know that feeling Let s be honest We ve all been there That giddy feeling you get when you re in love, the tingles that shoot through your body when that special someone winks at you, when their hand reaches out to yours, when your thigh brushes against theirs and tiny little shocks shoot straight to your toes The way your heart lights up like there are a million fireflies reaching out to touch it The way you remember every flutter, every kiss, every goosebumpevery moment.Your first touch Your first kiss Your first wink Your first everything.That time in your life when you realize you re falling in love with someone, or that you re already in love with them It s almost indescribableit s likeStanding outside in a summer rain with your arms outstretched and your face pointed toward the sky, warm raindrops drenching you with lifeRunning through a field filled with wildflowers on a summer s day, with the bright sun warming your back and your hair gently blowing in the breezeIt s pure bliss.I really enjoyed this novel It s all about sweet love covered with rainbow sprinklesand what could be better than that Absolutely nothing.Kudos to L.M for a wonderful debut novel I can t wait to read I only have two wordsREAD IT 1.5I wanted to like this I really did.With a title like Click to Subscribe, I honestly thought there would be of an emphasis on the vlogging aspect, but it just seemed too forced and unnecessary I skimmed every time he got into a camera confession I think Sam and Cat have an abundance of personality sometimes to the point where they become nothing but personifications of every teen on tumblr , but this book frustrated me so much and not in a good way Too much build up and too hasty a resolution as everything just fixes up Actually, everything after the first part of the book felt hasty even when he kept beating around the bush of blatant obviousness.Format wise, waaay too much caps lock yelling and some other stuff that I thought made it obvious that this was a self pub I don t think I ve ever seen kthxbye in a passage before.Tl dr needed utilisation of the vlogging Had there been scripts of vlogs rather than emails, the title would have been a better fit Right now it s just another novel about a penpal who isn t who they seem, which the synopsis prepares you for but geez.Also not enough romance to warrant a reread for fluff Bummer.