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Can I rate this like 100 1 2 stars That s what it deserves Hell, I d give it 200 1 2 stars if I could This is a phenomenally honest and funny and romantic and, yes, sexy read Did I mention the funny It is hilarious It contains one of the best descriptions of a first kiss I ve ever read and you guys know how many kisses I read weekly I have to be some kind of expert on reading kisses by now, right Brody and Hayley are so exquisitely true and written so well that I swear they jump off the page and into your heart within the first twenty paragraphs Very seldom do any books other than my beloved Betty Neels romances make my heart clutch but Becca Ann did it, and, man, am I ever grateful Sigh and swoon and love and all that mushy stuff about this book Seriously Highly, highly recommend. Four Stars How could I want anyone else She s amazing, that girl Damn sexy, funny, and just knows how to make me feel all that crap you re suppose to feel when you re with the girl you just have to be around.I need her.No I crave herFirst off, do not get let the not so great title of this book steer you away If I can be honest, it almost made me not want to read this book The cover is cute and I really like it, but the title Not so much I hate that word Fat I ve always had a complex about it, but I m sure a lot of girls do When do we women ever think we are ever skinny enough lol Exactly However, I am a sucker for stories where the not so typical skinny minnies get the hot guy, so of course I had to read it I m very glad I did, tooI m not exactly Miss Size Zero Huh I m what they call the FFF Meaning The Funny Fat FriendHayley has always been the FFF She s also the friend that guys go through to get to the girl they actually want Kind of like the matchmaker, per se She s set up a lot of her friends this way She s always felt that this was her role The inevitable matchmaker So when she notices her American Sign Language friend, Brody, always constantly swooning at his brother s ex girlfriend, Quynn, she offers her help I take a deep breath and grab her hand I m not going to let her shake me off this time I like you, alright I want to date you not out of pity, but because I I need to Hayles, I can t get you off my mindBrody didn t know what he signed up for when he takes Hayley s offer to help him win Quynn s heart Brody has always been infatuated with his brother s ex She s every guys dream Blonde, skinny, friendly and popular However, the time he spends with Hayley, the he likes her He s never thought of her as fat or ugly As a matter of fact, Brody thinks Hayley is beautiful, inside and out She makes him laugh, and just feels naturally comfortable around her The quirky little thinks she does drive him crazy Who knew this girl would turn his life upside down I m not going to stop until she tells me to stop I love her And I want to have one of my firsts with her too. It takes Hayley forever to believe a guy like Brody would be interested in a girl like her Brody tries to send the right signals, but it literally goes over her head and or she just ignores it However, when she does let him in, it was one of those moments where I couldn t stop grinning I was so flipping happy, it was ridiculous Just pure AwesomesauceThis is another one of those impromptu reads that I just needed Just an FYI, this is strictly YA Not too much hanky panky going around, but there was a little Let s just say that it was enough to make me swoon However, I did find the clean language a little too clean The stuff that came out of Hayley s mouth were a bit on the very cheesy, clean side, but then again, I have a sailor mouth so the lack of dirty talk made me a bit uncomfortable LOL Yea I know I have issues Fuck Shit Damn I mean, is it really that hard to say LOL Whoops There I go, rambling again My bad LOL Anyway, I LOVED the fact that the story was told in Brody s POV I love getting into the guy s head Its so cute how he struggled to come to the obvious conclusion He s just a sweetheart The relationship between Brody and Hayley matures at a nice rate nothing was ever rushed Sometimes, I wished it moved a slight bit faster, but mehI was still all good with the results This was such a fast, predictable and enjoyable read and would recommend it to anyone looking for a very good, very cute and clean YA story. @FREE PDF Ø Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend â Newer Edition Found HereIt S Stupid To Fall For Your Brother S Ex It S Even Worse To Enlist Another S Help To Win The Ex Over But Brody Is Desperate And Hayley, His Partner In American Sign Language, Is Than Willing To Lend Him A Few Tips She S The School S Matchmaker, And With Her Bizarre And Positive Personality, Brody Finds Her Easy To Talk To, Even About The Most Awkward Situations Hayley S Tips Seem To Be Working, But As Brody Learns About His Matchmaker, He Starts Finding Reasons To Spend Time With Her, And Not The Girl He Thought He Was In Love With But Hayley Isn T Ready To Fall For Anyone Labeled The Funny Fat Friend Within Her Group, Her Self Image Makes It Impossible For Brody To Share His Feelings Without Hayley Shrugging It Off As A Joke Convincing Her Brody Can, And Did, Fall For The Funny Fat Friend Turns Out To Be Harder Than Simply Falling In LoveWritten By Cassie Mae Under The Pen Name Becca Ann HILarious and SO real with an incredible voice.This is a laugh out loud funny book with some fun smexy moments thrown in and a great love story. Awesomesauce Seriously Absolutely fantastic light, happy, fun, touching YA read I LOVED that the book was all from Brody s POV The inner dialogue of a teenage guy certainly was entertainingThe room is too hot All the sweat makes my clothes stick to my balls Man, if Quynn walks in right when I m adjust myself I may as well sniff my hand afterwards too, since that s how attractive I ll look. Ok Brody, be quick about this Be coolHow do you look cool when you scratch yourselfShe s still not here Do it now It s driving you crazyOne quick shift later, nuts are in the right place and no one seems to have noticed What a big deal over nothinOh man, I just loved Brody Seriously, he s the kind of guy I hope my boys grow up to be one day He s not perfect what 18 year old boy is but his heart is in in the right place, and he follows through with his good intentions, almost all of the time My heart broke for Haley Poor girl came by her low self esteem honestly, that s for sure I wish we could have had a flash forward, enough to know that someday she really could put all that crap behind her She was such a great character Funny, smart, genuine and unique Beautiful inside and out I adored how each chapter was titled with one if the reasons Brody fell for HaleyReason number 13 I d beat the crap out of my own flesh and blood for youGetting to know Brody and Hales, and watching them fall in love just gave me all sorts of warm and fuzzies I have zero complaints about this one It s getting a permanent spot on my re read when you need to feel good shelf For this review and , pop by my blog Drugs Called BooksHere is a book I knew I wanted to read the second I read the title I found it b accident, and I m so glad I did As someone who feels like the funny fat friend , this book was perfect for me Now, do not mistake Brody, the main characters, does not find Hayley fat That s Hayley s idea of herself I came out of the read feeling hopeful and happy for myself, which I think is a wonderful thing More than half the time, girls who think they re fat really aren t They re just fatter than the skinniest chick in school And even that girl thinks she s fat So when Hayley, my signing partner in American Sign Language shrugs off Josh moo ing at her as she walks in the room, that s when I figure this girl isn t like most girls.First paragraph of Reasons I Fell for the Funny Fat Friend.Brody, the guy, is the one who narrates this book This is one of the only books I ve read in which the point of view is the guy s And unlike the other few I read, here I loved it.Brody s voice is very authentic He sounds and acts like the teenager he is, only he happens to be just the greatest guy He is sweet, shy in an adorable way, unaware of how attractive he is he s got a six pack, for goodness sake and really clueless when it comes to girls He s also perceptive and attentive Really, I wouldn t mind dating him at all Hayley, the main girl is me She s insecure about herself and doesn t really believe someone like Brody can really love her, the FFF Funny fat friend It gets to the point that when someone calls her fat, even though she really isn t all that fat, she doesn t mind because she just accepts it She s very good in the matters of the heart all but her own, of course She s funny and quirky and cute, and I absolutely loved her Their relationship was wonderful to me It happened fast, I ll tell you that, but it was so believable and freaking cute and adorable that I couldn t care less Plus, they spend so much time together, just getting to know one another, that it felt like they knew each other much longer They didn t just fall for one another It s not a baseless love, where you don t understand why they fall for each other, and their reasons for loving aren t shallow It s not about looks or statue It s about each other.Each chapter s title is a reason why Brody fell for Hayley, which is another thing I adore about this book The reasons are really funny, but also true For example she can sign language the word balls , she kicks ass at video games, she goes to look at bloody pictures of people when she feels down to remind her other people has it so much worse He falls for who she is, quirkiness and self doubt and everything He falls for what makes her, her I love those kind of things.Also, as this book was from Brody s POV, we got to see some wonderful things, such as how suddenly she became the most beautiful girl in the world to him, even though other people may refer to her as fat or chubby I think this really sums up love perfectly theirs and other s seeing the other person as beautiful no matter what Now, if that s not enough, these two have got some HOT kisses I m serious, I needed to fan myself when they were kissing also, we ve got sex, but the fade to black kind so don t worry I loved reading the after sex part, when they wake up Seriously, I love this due Okay, enough about the romance even though it was sooo swoon worthy Another thing I really liked about this book, is that there is no Big Bad Villain threatening their relationship Their obstacles are their own feelings about themselves, and they work through them There are not enough words for me to express the great LOVE I have for this book Aside for me being able to connect to the characters 100%, it was also just so funny, fluffy, and just damn adorable And this book made me think that even the Funny Fat Friend deserves her happy ever after For this review and , pop by my blog Drugs Called Books CUTE SUPER CUTE CUTEI could not put this book down I cant decide what i Loved most The adorable chapter titles, the male POV or the quite frankly amazing witty writing I.LOVED THIS BOOK.Refreshing, laugh out loud funny, cute as can be, tummy going crazy first smooch, nothing beats a well written teeny bopper book.Easy 4 stars from me and a welcome break from the over sexed mini drama s I ve been reading of late. There was an article that I read back in September that brought up the fact that despite the near inclusiveness of YA books, fat people were still not as highlighted nor embraced as mainstream characters, and that fat shaming was one of the few remaining acceptable targets While I m all for being healthy I know that I ought to be better with my diet , I hate fat shaming I detest the yearly onslaught of New Year s Resolution Lose X Pounds I hate the criticism of a perfectly healthy person being chubby and I loathe the BMI with a fiery burning passion Fun fact The person who thought up the BMI did so to prove possible criminal activity Yeah For teenage girls, it s worse Not only do we have to deal with the relentless onslaught that is high school which does wonders for confidence, let me tell you but we have no one to look up to When I was in school, I didn t have any chubby role models, much less anyone who could be considered fat but still seen as a sex object For a while, there was Jordin Sparks, but even she lost weight The fat girl cannot be a sexualized object, and should she even dare think of sex, she must be ridiculed for it.We need books like this one.There is no magical weight loss makeover here No impossible standards by which the heroine is considered fat No chubby chasing, despite what Brody s brother thinks And Hayley isn t ridiculed for attempting to be sexy Why didn t I have a book like this when I was sixteen Hayley is one of the realistic heroines I ve come across in a long time She s insecure about her weight and how boys see her, but she has a wicked sense of humor that she utilizes I loved when she rates her body, noting Well, the good thing is I have a rack Yes, in most other books, whenever Hayley turns down Brody, it could have been You idiot, can t you see he loves you But it s not here, because we see why Hayley s so insecure about boys liking her and what they really want her for The fact that Brody has fallen for Hayley is unbelievable for her because she s been told directly and indirectly that she ll never be good enough for any passable guy Even when Brody does act like an idiot and doesn t tell anyone about their relationship, it felt true here when Hayley gets upset because she does have a reason for having that reaction If anything, I would have liked to gotten with her mother, maybe to flesh out Hayley s insecurities But I do really like her I also like that while she s fat, Hayley s friendly with everyone and isn t treated like a member of the lower caste And even though it s not dwelt on, her body is brought up in text, not only through Brody s sex filter, but also in minor scenes, like when she gets her tattoo I also love that she s able to fall naturally into conversations with Brody it gives the two a lot of chemistry and really sets up their relationship.The other thing I absolutely love about this book is Brody On a writing standpoint, it is really hard to write the opposite sex and pull it off well Brody s voice was extremely strong and he did feel like a genuine teenage boy, with the constant acknowledgements of Oh, God, I m checking her out, aren t I Yet despite being a horny teenage boy, Brody earns my undying love in that he is respectful toward women Not big man help puny women folk masked as chivalry He actually respects Quynn and Hayley as people When he said that he has no claim on Quynn and their relationship prior to the book gives him no claim, I actually wanted to cheer Or, as my brain thought, Did he just obliterate the nice guy argument Brody s not perfect, and he does screw up frequently, but the fact that he was conscious of the screw ups and tried to make things better made me love him even And Brody and Hayley s relationship in all I have to admit, when I first started reading this, I thought that this was going to be mostly about Brody desperately trying to win over Quynn before realizing in the last third that he s in love with Hayley I think this says about my expectations in YA Nope The romance is between Brody and Hayley There s some waffling early on, but once Brody realizes his real feelings, it s all about Hayley Even their first time together is handled admirably, with Hayley seducing Brody and the two gleefully leaping into bed If there s anything I really wanted of, I wanted to get a better idea of what Brody s other relationships were like I liked that he wanted to be on friendly terms with Quynn again, no nice guy bs and I really liked Brody s relationship with his parents Tangent, I had to do a fist pump when Brody clarifies that his step dad is his real dad, and that his biological dad did nothing for him Yes. But I wanted to get of Brody s friends, especially since Brody keeping his relationship with Hayley quiet is a big part of the climax That whole plot point could have worked a lot better if we had gotten with Tanner and Brody The plot is standard YA fluff, but what Becca Ann did with these characters makes it interesting than any other YA romcom that I ve come across Brody alone gets all of my points, but making Hayley into a real character who can be seen as a role model earns major respect in my book There s a positive and endearing message not just for girls, but for boys as well This is a definite recommend. This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenI have had some fairly good luck with contemps lately This and Losing It getting 5 stars from me within a month Thats monumental I think maybe the trick is for me to stick to the funny contemps Reason 1 You know how to sign the word balls Reason 2 You walk with a book on your headReason 3 You know how to make awkward less awkwardReason 4 Its easy with youReason 5 You know how to make a guy feel pretty good about himselfReason 6 You give the best hugsReason 7 I think about you before I think about herReason 8 You slaughter me at Ghost ReconReason 9 You turned me into a psycho The title says Funny Fat Friend , and they were right about the funny part Hayley is hilarious, amazing, and totally awesomesauce P And when she told Brody he had to make a list of reasons why he chose her over a skinny girl, he actually found it extremely easy, and was daily adding new things to the list as he discovered and reasons to love her Reason 10 You are the FHF Freaking Hot FriendReason 11 You are perceptiveReason 12 You don t let my jackass jerk brother get to youReason 13 I d beat the crap out of my own flesh and blood for youReason 14 I need crave youReason 15 You rock some sexy inkReason 16 You make me feel all that gooey shit crap I m supposed to feelReason 17 You re a cute little cheaterReason 18 You make me nervous, but not nervous Brody was a great guy He felt totally genuine and realistic and just the right amount of sappy He fell for Hayley fast and hard When it started, I thought the book would be about the process of him falling for her, but he was almost instantly in awe of her, from the first chapter The rest of the book was mostly him trying to prove it to her Making her realize she deserved it Reason 19 Pictures of bleeding people don t make you want to pukeReason 20 If eyes can be hot, yours are smokingReason 21 You can put boob marks in all my shirts and I wont careReason 22 You smile when you kissReason 23 You re as horny as I amReason 24 I cant lie to youReason 25 When you re pissed at me, I turn into a depressed slob who cant stop listening to pop crap This book was totally sweet and heartwarming, and fun, and just the right amount of drama to not piss me off Lovable characters, a YA appropriate touch of hot, and an HEA What else could you ask for This is definitely one that I ll be re reading in the future Reason 26 I want to shout it to the world that I m in love with youReason 27 You are THE girl One word to describe this book Thats what Hayley would say anyway This was a short only took a little over 2 hours to read but super cute and funny book Just what I needed after the emotionally taxing reading week I ve had One of the best things about this book was it was from the guys perspective which I love Brody I loved me some Brody Brody is a popular guy who has the hots for his older brothers ex He becomes friends with Hayley Hayley decides to help him get the girl Sounds good right Well, after spending so much time with Hayley, Brody realizes SHE is the girl he wants Hayley is fanfreakingtastic I mean seriously funny and adorable I love her lingo Of course she doesn t think someone hot and popular like Brody would ever really fall for the chubby girl who he s just friends withA good book with a great message Had a few good laughs, kept a smile on my face If you are looking for a lighter read thats cute, funny and sweet check this one out