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You know how you read a book and you follow by saying it was a great, emotional read But when it comes down to it, it s often superficial oh it s so sad she has to choose one guy over the other heartbreak that in the grand scheme of thing, are unimportant Now this this was the real deal Real, raw, undeniable emotions run through the pages of this amazing book Really, I can t praise it enough It s an eye opener and while writing this review, with a heart doubled in size, I m experiencing a world wind of emotions just by reminiscing what I ve read If you aren t touched by this novel at all, you are definitely a rock We have a remarkable cast of characters in this book First we meet Maggie Maggie I can t say enough about this wonderful, outstanding girl Having been told she is a stupid brat that should never have been born, by her alcoholic mother, she has incredible strength with a resolve that is simply admirable She will undoubtedly dig herself into everyone s hearts and you will love her as if she was your own daughter in need of so much than she s getting Don t expect her to be perfect, full of self confidence or even have great judgement what she goes through throughout this novel is heartbreaking in every sense of the word, which is bound to have an impact on someones way of thinking I m not one to cry while reading, but if I would have let myself, I could have easily bawled my eyes out with this one But I didn t, only because I simply HAD to keep reading I had to know that she would just be ok This sh t happens Every day kids go hungry because they are unfortunate to have been born to alcoholic, drug abused parents This is what makes this novel so incredibly heartbreaking Not because she has to choose between hot guy 1, or hotter guy 2 but because Maggie s problems are rooted genuine.Then we meet a fantastic team of side characters who are all equally as important as Maggie Seth, Cole and Booker are the sweetest, most incredible group of guys that love unconditionally and become the rock in Maggie s life the much needed rock I loved how they were all portrayed They felt like older brothers we all want to have They are simply honest to goodness, good hearted people Seth, being the love interest, is the one we delve into the most This was a true romance Nothing fluffy, nothing instant It was hard, it was heartbreaking, it was one of the best romance in YA I ve read in a LONG time However, don t expect it to be the center of it all It plays a pretty big part, but this is, first and foremost, the story of Maggie s tragic life.Unlovable has a lot of everything a contemporary can offer Over the raw emotions and romantic aspect, we also have a murder mystery that is always in the back of your mind When will the killer make his appearance again There s always this small fear nagging at you anytime Maggie goes out on her own I really enjoyed that twist in the otherwise deeply heartfelt story It was surprisingly a great mix Really, I want to give a virtual standing ovation to Sherry Gammon for this novel that I can not express into words how much I loved I want everyone to read this I then want you to give it to your mom, your grandmother, your whole family, even read it to your dog, because this story it needs to be shared For of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads It s next to impossible to find the words to express what a phenomenal book this was Its taken me several weeks to write the review because I wanted to make sure I got it just right.First off, I can t believe this was a debut novel It was so beautifully written The plot was so unique and refreshingly paranormal less Once I started, I couldn t put it down Seth is an undercover cop that falls in love with Maggie Beautiful, unloved, co dependent Maggie What I love most about Maggie is even though she had every right to, she never plays the victim She and Seth begin a powerfull journey together that s so pure and full of romance Even without sex Yes ladies, he s saving himself for marriage , their relationship is overflowing with passion.Seth s friends Cole and Booker completely stole my heart The way they all look after each other and rally around Maggie had my heart completely bursting They became her family.The story is told mainly from Seth and Maggie s POV Usually I don t like it when an author bounces back and forth, but Sherry Gammon pulls it off beautifully It drew me closer to the characters and allowed perspective that only enhanced the story The author was able to realistically portray a story of abuse, love, co dependency, romance, and triumph in a way that is far beyond most books I ve read.The sequel is bitter sweet for me I am so in love with Cole and Booker that the idea of a story surrounding them makes me jump up and down However, I became so attached to Maggie and Seth I would love the story to progress around their developing relationship But eventhough they may not be the center characters in future books, I have a feeling they will remain part of the story Can t wait to find out Great book Wonderful writer The few times I d Run into her in the hallway, my tongue had swollen to the size of a small whale, essentially blocking off oxygen supply to my brain SethUnlovable was a story that I don t even know where to start with, it is incredible, amazing, perfect, super, and completely LOVABLE Maggie Brown has convinced herself she truly isunlovable, and why shouldn t she believe that, her always drunk mother reminds her of it every day Of course there is Seth..Seth Mr.Popular at Port Fare High..but he couldn t possibly love Maggie..could he Seth Prescott is an undercover cop, his current job Attend Port Fare High, and get close to Maggie and find out if her mom knows anything about the current drug rates going up in Port Fare, while trying to stop the murders also going on in Port FareSeth has had secret feelings for Maggie for a long timeand this job is finally gonna be the thing that forces him to talk to her.This book was..WOW just amazing It is so beautiful, I could not believe how good this story was, I went into it thinking it was just gonna be OK It blew my mind I started reading this one night and couldn t stop..I had to stay up until I finished the whole thing..and once it ended all I wanted was for it to continue I wanted no NEEDED of Maggie and Seth There Romance is one of the best I have readeverMaggie as a character was great, she is so caring and so strong Her mom emotionally abuses her almost every day and yet she still loves her and tries to care for her mother You couldn t help, but love Maggie You also couldn t help feeling sorry for the poor girl..the things her mother says..are some of the most hurtful things a mother could ever say to their child Yet still Maggie stayed strong She truly was an amazing chick She has become one of my favorite Lit Chicks for her awesomeness NOW onto Seth..Seth is perfect He is handsome, mature, sweet, caring, and just wellperfect He wants nothing than for Maggie to open up to him and let him love her and take care of her, and throughout the whole book that is his main concern, caring for Maggie, protecting Maggie, and most importantly trying to convince Maggie he loves herI LOVE SETHUnlovable was truly an amazing story, it had everything romance, action, mystery, thrill, everything If you are looking for a strong story with beautiful romance then Unlovable is for you Unlovable is mainly from Maggie s point of view, but every few chapters is from Seth s point of view Unlovable is the first of a trilogy I also thought I would share some of my favorite quotes The few times I d Run into her in the hallway, my tongue had swollen to the size of a small whale, essentially blocking off oxygen supply to my brain Seth She makes you nervous, huh Must be love Puppy love anyway Shut up, Booker Seth and BookerScooping up the mail off the wobbly kitchen table, I thumbled through it while standing next to our trash bin One was addressed to me Maggie Brown, You may already be a 1,000,000 winnerGoodie, my troubles are over Maggie Crying What the heck was wrong with me It must be PMS I stayed a few steps behind him secretly drying my face and running through a calendar in my mind Maggie You know, I m surprised the three of us can fit in your car Three I do believe there are only two of us Me, you, and your over sized ego I believe that makes three Maggie and SethI whacked him on the arm hmm, did a butterfly just land on me He glanced around pretending to look for some nonexistant bu Maggie and Seth Favourite Quote With my poor heart pounding wildly, his kiss spilled through my soul, and I was lost His lips never left mine, yet he was all over my mouth Never before had I felt anything this wonderful I knew I d pay dearly for my surrender, but I d gladly pay it I hoped this kiss would never end. Wow Unlovable was fantastic It is such a sweet and tender tale that will appeal to any romantics at heart Unlovable is definitely an effortless and addictive read I had other review books that I was meant to read before this but I thought I would have a little look just to see what it was like and ended up getting caught up in the plot or should I say the romance and finished it one sitting Gammon is a debut author but you would never tell from her wonderful writing Although it does feel like a guilty pleasure type of read While I found it easy to read the plot felt a little too perfect at times though Did it stop me personally from enjoying it No but it may bother some readers so be warned I could list though a bunch of my Goodreads friends who this would drive crazy.Both Maggie and Seth are well rounded characters Maggie has a rough life but shows a lot of strength for a a character that has had such a tough time She is a sweetheart that always seems to put others first Then you have Seth A lovable guy with a big heart that would do anything to keep Maggie happy and safe It would be impossible for anybody not to like these two There is also some interesting secondary characters like Cole and Booker You just get the sense you are beginning to know them so it will be great to get their stories in Unbelievable and Unbearable.Now on to the romance For me it is the strongest part of the plot and my favourite aspect of the story It definitely will make the the heart of any romantic melt Seth and Maggie have plenty of dreamy romance moments that will make you go awwwwww warning some of Bookers friend may find it too sweet for their taste But there relationship is not perfect as they have a few obstacles to over come but they never waiver about the way they feel for each other Overall, Unlovable is a passionate and engaging read that is perfect for fans of romance Can t wait of the Port Fare world in Unbelievable. Wow I think I m going to follow the lead of my friend Haley whose review is here and give you a few quote s from the book because I honestly don t know where to start with this review.so here goes He peered into my eyes and it felt as if he was burrowing into the dark recesses of my soul His fingers ran softly across my cheek, brushing away the tear There was an undeniable tenderness about him and it made my heart flutter Maggie I thought about Maggie standing in my door just over three hours ago It took all I had not to pull her into my arms and kiss her There she stood with her wet, snow packed clothes plastered to her malnourished frame and those hapless blue eyes driving tears down her waxy hollowed cheeks, begging me to kiss her Everything inside me screamed, Hurry, before she changes her mind Nevertheless, I didn t Yup, I deserved a medal Seth Unlovable is truly an amazing story The story follows the lives of Maggie and Seth Maggie being a 17 year old girl, who is half starving because her mother would rather drink alcohol than put food on their table Maggie has spent all her life living with her mother and suffering years of emotional abuse Her mother constantly telling her she s an unlovable nothing and soon Maggie starts believing her Seth is a high school student or so he appears to be He s really an uncover cop trying to stop drug crime in Port Fare He s always has a slight crush on Maggie but when an assignment comes up involving Maggie, he has no choice but to get to know her better As their lives quickly intertwine they are thrown into a wonderful self discovering and loving relationship but they also put into a dangerous situation when there is a dangerous killer on the loose..one that could cost them their lives.Again, I m going to say Unlovable is a truly an amazing story This story had me captivated from page one and even though I finished it a few hours ago, I m still thinking about it now When Sherry Gammon asked me to review her work, I ll be honest, I d never heard of her work before but wow I totally wish I had because I would have made sure I had read this book a long time ago Sherry has created a heart breaking story that will leave us readers with hope that everyone can be loved and will get a happy ending they deserve Not only has she wrote a captivating story but she s managed to write about a very hard subject which is completely raw, passionate and truly breath taking Our two main characters are well developed and easy lovable Maggie and Seth are two completely different people but two people willing to see the better in everybody else Maggie has so many hard times with her mother but even through it, she is still as loyal as ever to her She s one strong person and felt completely real to me Now Seth is just an amazing character all round He sees the person Maggie really is even if her appearance isn t what it should be He s kind, generous, selfless and he s definitely stole the show for me in this book The story itself is an emotional rollercoaster I managed to feel so many different emotions while reading it and I felt I really connected with the characters I loved that we got to see a part of the killer s journey too, is only a few chapters but it s enough to keep you going through the whole book knowing that something dangerous is going to happen I also loved the secondary characters like Booker and Cole and I m really interested to see their journey s next in the next of the series Overall, I think any fans of Simone Elkeles or Jennifer Echols will absolutely fall in love with Sherry s work like I have Read it guys It s truly not a story you want to miss out on P.S Its only 69p on Kindle BUY IT and show this author your support Thank you to Sherry for giving me the opportunity to review her work. 3.5 starsWhen I said I loved you, I didn t mean for a week, or maybe a year, I meant always, in the good times and the bad, through thick and thin I m playing for keeps here, MagsOverall, I thought the story was good, and its under contract to be made into a movie now which I think is fabulous, but I wasn t totally blown away by the book itself.Seth is an undercover cops posing as a student at Port Fare High School in an effort to bring down a ring of heroine drug dealers that have been on the rise in the last few months and have been recently reaching out to dealing to kids with devastatingly results Maggie is a student and visually, with her near skeletal frame and dark circles under her eyes, could be the poster child for Heroin Chic No one realizes that she comes from a dirt poor home and barely has enough money to keep food on the table because her alcoholic, verbally abusive mother drinks away any money that they have And yet despite this miserable home environment, Maggie maintains stellar performance at school, and is a wonderfully sweet girl that everyone likes.When Maggie s name comes up as one of the people who could potentially lead them to the drug lord based on her outward appearance , Seth is assigned to get close to her But his personal feelings are getting in the way Aside from his job, he already has feelings for her and he struggles with the balance of doing his job and going for what his heart wants.Maggie feels unlovable Her mother constantly berates, abuses and rejects her, so wrapped up in her alcoholic world that she has no time, patience, or love left to give her childGet out of my house I regret ever giving birth to you, you unlovable nothing She picked up a glass from off the coffee table I turned and left as it hit my shoulder But still, Maggie cares deeply for her mother, wanting desperately to feel worthy of her love, and having seen, first hand, the destruction caused by alcohol, Maggie want nothing to do with it or drugs.With her lack of self worth, Maggie can t fathom what Seth sees in her How could someone unloved by their own mother be worthy of any love at all And so it takes her loooong time to come around to actually believing that Seth is truly interested in her Their relationship is slow building as Maggie slowly learns to trust himIt felt nice to be in his arms, as if someone actually cared about me He listened, never judging, nor criticizing, just listening as I told him what had happened with my momBut Seth understands how wary and un trusting she is and is willing to be patient with her He goes far out of his way to make her feel safe with him, to protect her, to find subtle ways of caring for her when there are basic things that she can t even afford, and to find a way to convince her of the depth of his feelings for herPlease don t hurt me When you re tired of me, just let me know I promise not to be a clinging vine I was sick and tired of being alone I was also very much in love with him It frightened me beyond words Maggie, he said, stroking my hair I m not going to get tired of you, and I certainly don t plan on hurting you, not on purpose, anyway But I don t just want to be here, He kisses me softly on the lips I want to be in here too He brushed by head with his lips And in your heart I ve never loved anyone like this before And while they are figuring out their feelings for each other, the drug dealers are stepping up their game, murdering people, students, hurting them, desperate to make a name for themselves and to get back at the cops for bringing down one of their brothers in a prior assignment.The story is told from alternating POVs including the drug dealers so we get to understand all sides of what is going on.But I did have a few issues with the story I thought the plot was a little unbelievable at times like for example how quickly they went from cautious flirting to absolute head over heels love literally overnight with very little build up to that level of intensity , I found the dialogue a little stilted at times and it didn t always flow very well for example, from the guy s POV, him sayingMy face warped into a tortured expressionhmmmmm, just doesn t sound like something a guy would say Or, her doctor asking herHow long were you unconscioussquints skeptically REALLY Oo , and there were definite moments of stupid decision making and childish reactions on the heroine s part just a lot of things that made me sigh to myself or roll my eyes.I also wasn t fully satisfied with the ending yes, its a happy ending, and, yes, they end up together as a couple, and I guess we ll see of their relationship development in the sequel although, it isn t directly focused on them but I didn t like the decision they made at the end it just didn t make sense to me.The steam factor was very, very low definitely a tame YA read The hero doesn t believe in sex before marriage, and for a goodly chunk of the book, she s 17 and he is 21 and a cop so they pretty much only kiss throughout the whole book.It was still a good book, I just felt a little meh about some aspects of it It did keep me interested from start to finish though, but it didn t make me laugh, didn t make me cry and didn t make my heart race But it is under contract to be a movie and I can definitely see how it would make a much better movie than it did a book Its one of those kinds of stories that you can totally visualize as a movie in your head with very few changes made to it.The sequel, Unbelievable, will be released in December 2012 and follow the story of another of the main characters from this book. *DOWNLOAD E-PUB ⇨ Unlovable ⇱ Port Fare, New York, Has Fallen Into The Clutches Of True Evil The Dreser Brothers Have Arrived With A Scheme To Increase Drug Sales In The Area By Whatever Means Possible Seth Prescott Is Part Of MET Mobile Enforcement Teams A Branch Of The DEA Drug Enforcement Administration He S Been Assigned To Work Undercover At Port Fare High, And Things Aren T Going Very Well, Until Senior Maggie Brown Enters The Equation He S Harbored A Secret Crush On Her From Day One, And Now That She Is In The Center Of The Case, He S Trying To Stay Clear And Objective While Walking The Line Between Business And Unrequited LoveMaggie Is Truly The Poster Child For Heroin Chic, Complete With Jutting Bones And Dark Ringed Eyes, But Is She An Addict, Or Is There Another Reason For Her Appearance She Struggles With Her Feelings For Seth, Fearing He Is Just Another Person Who Will Eventually Let Her Down, As Everyone In Her Life Has Done Thus FarMaggie Has Spent Her Life Caring For Her Alcoholic Mother A Task That Has Left Her Heavily Burdened And Alone Before Long, Her Mother S Health Takes A Turn For The Worst, Sending Maggie S Life Into A Tale SpinWhile Seth Works Relentlessly To Inject Fear Into The Dealers And Flush Them Out Into The Open, Maggie Fights To Stay Alive As The Hunt Turns DeadlySeth And Maggie S Romantic Journey Is One Of Humor, Heartbreak, And Self Discovery This was such a sweet and lovely romantic story I was truly touched by this book.Seth Prescott is a Mobile Enforcement Team, or MET agent working undercover, posing as a senior at Port Fare High to investigate the growing drug problem in Port Fare Maggie Brown is a senior in Port Fare High She lives in a trailer home with her mother who is a passed out, mean drunk Maggie gets good grades and keeps to herself She has found out that expressing any emotion to her mother just encourages a slew of hateful remarks or worse Maggie has caught the eye of Seth, he finds himself growing sweet on her Every time he gets around her though, he gets tongue tied Maggie of course thinks Seth is hot but couldn t imagine him being interested in her He s always hanging out with the cool crowd Topping that list is popular cheer captain, Hillary Hillary is a vile, mean spirited, jealous creature Ughh The drug problem is getting worse in Port Fare and their new lead on a heroin ring brings them to Felix Hoffman, seen talking to two suspected drug pushers Felix lives in the same trailer park as Maggie The police think that Hoffman and Maggie s mom could be involved Armed with this new information, Seth s assignment is to get close to Maggie and find out if her mother is connected somehow I m astounded that Maggie is such an amazing girl in spite of the creep of a mother she has This mother is beyond horrible It was truly heartbreaking the way she treated Maggie But with Seth getting close to her, and caring for her, you see the walls she s put up for protection slowly coming down You just have to love Seth, being so patient and protective with Maggie, showing her love she s never known These two had some very swoon worthy, knee weakening scenes, one of my favoritesHis lips were soft and warm on mine, though somewhat hesitant..I started to pull away when his hands began winding their way through my hair He held my face gently as his mouth moved carefully against mine It felt wonderful My head began swimming as I drew myself tighter against him After several moments, he pulled away I didn t open my eyes, instead drawing my bottom lip into my mouth to get one last taste of him Suddenly realizing how long my eyes had been shut, I popped them open to see him smiling down at me I was mortified.his mouth dropped back onto mine, and this time there was an undeniable eagerness to his kiss I struggled to stay calm, if only he hadn t tasted so good and felt so incredibly warm Maggie the river Phlegethon will have to freeze over before I kiss you again Seth Methinks the lady doth protest too much I watched you taste my kiss back at the park, Maggie You enjoyed it as much as I did You know it and I know it Sooner or later our lips will meet again Personally, I m voting for sooner I edited a little just to fit the scene, but you get the picture HotI loved this story, and now I m a true Sherry Gammon fan I can t wait to read the next book in the series that continues on with a secondary character, Cole I do hope that we get to see some of Seth and Maggie in that one too As a side note, I love the cover of this book It is so beautiful, and anyone who knows me, knows that this is a big draw I did not like this book.Trust me I wanted to I read a lot of reviews that made it seem like a real winner but I just couldn t find the reason why I despised the dialogue, nothing seemed genuine to me The nicknames insults were well let s just say they got old fast I mean after I read scum for the forth time in a paragraph I was over it Oh and girlie really that just rubbed me the wrong way.I also didn t buy the characters, although I ve never been a real big fan of instant head over heels, I d give my life for yours, love Perhaps because I ve never experienced or know anyone who HAS experienced it There were so many times where I threw my head back and put the book down I even said, OH GAG ME a couple of times The last book I read was about werewolves and if I were to tell you which one I considered realistic I would have to say keep your eyes peeled for people who turn into wolves when the weather turns cold I m sure I could think of to say but frankly I don t feel like spending another second on this book Now quick help me find a wall so I can bash my head against it